Thank God It’s Friday!


Multimedia Presentation for Adzri… DONE!

So let’s scream double WEEEE~~~~!!!!

I forgot to take the bonoplus drink I bought during
the free bone density check in Citymall.
Just so you know... my bone result is Goooooood~
Dino's result was better and higher. Cis!

Anyhow, I was at Rumba last night.

Thought that I would see any ‘new concept’ like I was told.

But I saw none =_=

Unless their ‘new concept’ means the new band ‘DB8’who according to Julian was the previous band in Shenny.

Dino Dinosaur was late... tralalala. So we blah without him. Sedey~

While driving to supper with BB, we were stopped by a mat salleh who was crossing the zebra crossing in front of Warisan Square. This guy carried a torchlight while doing so and was frantically angry at the cars for not slowing down.

When I was about to slow down, he stopped in front of us and shouted angrily, -

“Stop!!! STOPPP!!!!”

- while pointing the torchlight at us
just like a police traffic in England (as if I’ve ever been there)


BB brought me to Bella Italia and he had the Chocolate Gooey Pudding, similar to the Chocolate Cup Cake in Aussie Bar / Pirates of Borneo. I swear I saw a ‘mouthgasm’ going on there. LOL!

"I smsed sotong but he didnt reply. Where r u guys?",
Dino sms minutes later
"Bella Italia. Join la", I replied
"I'm still in Rumba with friends. Come la. The band best!"
"Mana ada best. Plus Rumba was so boring.
The place seems like for old people"

"(Dino terasa) Bu...B....But...But... I got good bones!"

Will post up the pictures soonest.

*sigh* I missed my Dance Class today

I really need to P.E.E now.



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