*Zombie Fara alert*



Instead of waking up early, I ended up reporting duty at RTM at 3 instead.


Well in the offer letter, it doesn’t state what time/date I must report duty. It just says 'this offer letter is effective starting 1st of April' So? Kuang-kuang-kuang~

I met up with Producer Lalita and she showed me around RTM, introducing me to my soon-to-be-colleagues (urgh.... I am SOOOOOO BAD with remembering names ><") and how to go about my job.

I am being put on 1 month observation period where I have to observe the DJs and learn from them.

If all goes well, my new part time working schedule next month will be during odd hours e.g. 11am-2pm morning shift and 11pm-2am for night shift.

Fyi, this is a fixed working hour coz that's the only time when the english section is on air. The rest are for other languages such as malay section, kadazan, dusun , mandarin and another 2 languages.
(total of 6 languages)

Since I'm working during day time, Lalita will put me during night shifts and sometimes weekend, depending on the roster. I also have to back up any DJs if they're gone for holidays / fell sick.

I trust Lalita to arrange the roster coz she knows my working pattern in KKIPC. Fyi, she is one of our preferred VO lady for any of our video projects. She will arrange my schedule 2-3 times a week and try to lessen the night shifts and put me more during weekends.

Anyhow, the pay is S.W.E.E.T!

I'm being offered a 1 day pay (3 hours of working time) which equals to 4 days DJing in Ctmall.

*imagine working 4 times a week for a month = 1 month pay in KKIPC*



*eyes turn into dollar sign*

Wohooo! Aku kayaaaaa! Aku kayaaaaaaa! XD
(saya budak baru keluar kampung... maseh~)

Oh my goshhhh!!
I seriously don't mind covering other DJs' shift to earn more!
I can shop moreeeee! Kyaaaa!!! XD

*slap self! slap self*
You have bills to pay you nuts!!!!



*sigh* Okay...am off to sleep.
Julian called me 'panda' today due to my dark circles


Hyaaaaakkk!!!!! *matrix kick ass*


*Julian fainted somewhere in Lintas Plaza*

Huahahahahahaha! ...... HachooooO!

I’m starting to get flu....
Ok..Ok... enough crapping... titun... titun...


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