Bridal Fair Citymall

Rum was a bit skeptical when I said that I'm covering the Bridal Fair in Citymall yesterday.

"Isn't it too early???", he asked

Tralalala.... anyway, cut long story short, *hint: you can visit BB's blog for detail update later* as I snapped pictures after pictures after pictures, I noticed that the dress that Steph wore was the best out of the bunch; both the wedding dress and the evening gown. *oh.. did I forget to say she's one of the bride-models?*

Steph & Me

Robin & Steph

Steph in evening wedding gown

I'm lovin' this fashion

One of the models

BB doing his thang

Amy - busy busy busy

Lucky draw box

Cake deco demonstration

Hair Demo

Cool hairstyle

Robin and his new fashion statement

BB & Me

Aside from the Fashion show and Hair Demo, they even had few wedding related booths around.

But what caught my eyes was the Fish Spa.

Kids doing Fish Spa

"I had a natural 'fish-spa' in Poring waterfall last year", I told the owner
"Oh nonono... this is different species.. this fish can only live in 30-40 degree water", he explained
*touching water*
"It's not hot now coz it's in the plastic pool"
"Oh.. ok.. so why is it different?"
"This fishes are special coz they are constantly hungry and it has been proven that they have no teeth"
*oh wow... a special toothless-hungry-for-dirt fish*
"Okay... go on.."
"This fish will eat all the dead skin cell from your skin, and their saliva has enzyme to make your skin smoother"
"Ahaa... sokka..."

Soooo~~~ if you have friends planning to open up a spa with this special tiny-winny fishies to scrap the dirt outta your skin, you can visit

Oh! During the event, I saw my ex-dj boss in the dj box doing his thang. I was itching to say ‘hi’ but somehow my feet won’t let me. Tralalalala~

Anyway, both BB & I can’t be bothered to wait for the lucky draw result. So we only stick around till 4pm-ish and had a drink with Benny & Roy.

BB & Roy


Met up with mama, my siblings, little cousins & grandma at Warisan Square right after.

Seeing a new stranger in the group, baby cousin Cassel & Kamal started to ask the who-question and look at BB up and down.

LOL! It was funny seeing the kids ogling at BB. They even startled when BB playfully kissed my cheek.


BB & Kids

Before heading back, BB & I had a drink at SJ Asian Café in Lintas.

The little café was not bad at all. I like the ‘mee-soup’ & fried ice cream they have there.

The café owner even treated us with their mango pudding to get reviews.

Mango Pudding

Anyhow, unlike yesterday, today I feel much-much better, awake and fresh! *less panda eyes for a moment*

I even finished watching Hana Kimi and... Ngeeeeee XD I kinda like the ending

I just found out that the cute guy Nakatsu (Ikuta Toma) also play Takemoto in Honey & Clover live action movie.

Buahahaha.. new J-Drama to watch while slacking off.

Marissa pointed out that the guy Nobu from Nana live action movie also acted in Honey & Clover, and thank goodness, he looks way better and less gay.


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