KL Trip 02 - Hakeem's Wedding

No internet connection for two days, hence, delay in updates. Gomen! ><”

Anyhow, update time...

As mentioned, I was in KL for my cousin Hakeem’s wedding and yeyyyyy~~~
it was a blast!

I hate the weather.
I hate it! I hate it! I hate it!

The wedding ceremony started last Saturday (29/03/08) with the Akad Nikah ceremony after the Zohor prayer.

The preparation to bring the bridal gifts

Cousin Hana

Walking to the Bride's house

Akad Nikah is basically the legalization of marriage which involves a tok kadi, a wali (father of the bride) and few witnesses. During the akad nikah, the groom has to sign a marriage contract and pronounce the lafaz akad nikah (more or less similar to the ‘I do’ part in most wedding).

But in the malay wedding, instead of saying 'I do', the groom will reply the tok kadi by saying "aku terima nikah *state your bride's name here* dengan mas kahwin *so and so*.... tunai~".

Then, the tok kadi will ask the witnesses, "Sah?" (correct?)
If everyone heard him right, the witnessess will reply, "Sah!"
If not.... then have to repeat lo~~~ which is so not cool.

'Dug Dag Dug Dag'

The Tok Kadi has arrived

Listening to the explanation

Sad... but terharu moment.... hrrmm~

Hakeem signing the marriage contract

Aunt Nor - The Groom's beloved mom

The crowd (only inside)

Alhamdulillah, the groom pronounced the lafaz akad nikah one time, perfectly, and now... Mira & Hakeem are officially husband and wife. Wohooo! ‘Now let’s make babies!!!’, quoting Sir George. LOL!

The newly wed couple


Hakeem & Aunt Nor

Grandma Wan & Mira

Mira & Hakeem

Mira & Hakeem

Their symbols of love

Few more photos from the first day of wedding...

Hambal (the eldest brother) introducing the bridal gifts

Gifts from the bride's side

In the kitchen preparing bunga telur

The second day (30/03/08)of the wedding was the wedding reception which we call ‘adat bersanding’.

Adat Bersanding
is the final ritual of the Malay Weddings which marks the close of the wedding ceremony.

Ala.. you know.. like in RPG game… we all have to go through few stages right? So in the Malay wedding, first stage is the adat merisik (ngorat-ngorat lah jugak~), followed by adat meminang, then the akad nikah to the final stage which is the adat bersanding.

In this ceremony, the bride & groom will be placed together on the ‘pelamin’ and immediate/close family members will go in front one by one for the ‘adat merenjis’ ceremony to ala-ala "bless" the newlywed couple.

Walking to the bride's house

The bride will wait to welcome her prince charming

The kompang group

Cousin Sakinah & Hanis

The adat merenjis

Cup cakeeeesss!

The crazy cousins

As much fun as I’m feeling at that moment, there will always be bonus questions thrown at me. The usual one of course,… like,

“So when is it going to be your turn?”

Can I like answer, “Mine? Don't you know? It’s next month! Have I invited you?”


Even my cousin Hanafi asked:

“Kak Fara umur sama ngan abang Hakeem?”
“Ya ha~”
*looking at his watch*
“Time is running out”, he smirked
“Oh~ Shut up”

Anyway... more group photos~~~

The newlyweds with their parents and in laws

The bride, the groom, and the 11 siblings.... err.. and parents too ^^

Group photo!

No posing picture please~

Since our flight back to KK is the day after the wedding (which is today), Aunt Nor, Aunty Has and Mama brought us all to Sogo for some family karaoke session in Red Box Karaoke last night.

Everybody was crazy as usual and we karaoke'd' till midnight.

ps: to Haleem and Hafiz, yeah… you guys are definitely eligible to become my part time actors for my ‘Brokeback Mountain: The Musical’. LOL!

Hareez, Me, Hajar, Furqaan *& Raihan

Hafiz, Raihan, Hajar & Hambal

Hareez, Hassan, Sakinah, Haykal, Nadia & Hana

Singing their heart out

Cici & prince charming Adrus

Cousin Hanis & Haleem


Oh! Al, my pet bro joined us as well. Yey!!!

*commercial break*

Just a short intro.

Al and I studied together in MMU last time and has become apart of my family since 6 years ago. He had just finished his pilot training in Langkawi and now proceeds to the next stage at Subang airport before finally graduate and become a real Pilot at the end of this year (If i’m not mistaken). Yey! You go bro!

Dos & Al

Cici, Nadia, Al, Mama, Me & Adrus

Group photo again!

So today is the day for us to fly home…

Hakeem brought us all to Taman Warisan Pertanian in Putrajaya for lunch.

Oh dang!

“Happy Birthday Hakeeem!!!!”


Fyi, the reason why we stayed till the 31st is for Hakeem’s Birthday as well. Buahahahaa. Abang! Apa macam? You are now officially older by one number than me~ Hohohohoho. I’m still 9 months away~ (we born in the same year).

No photos for this outing coz the camera is with Cici.

Cici is staying in KL for few more days to meet up with her friends.

Apa? Me?

I have to be home early coz… jeng~ jeng~ jeng~

I’m reporting duty tomorrow morning in RTM!


Betuuuuuulllll!! I got an offer from RTM to become their part time English DJ for Sabah VFM radio station. Yeyyyyy~~~ *clap*clap*clap* I’m not sure what time my shift will start so…. Just wait for my next update lah k? k? k?

Aight… gomen.. gomen… back to the story.

After our lunch *hugs*hugs*kiss*kiss*bye*bye*, Aunt Nor and Uncle Syam drove us to the airport.

I met up with Rizz (my ex) along the way. As usual, we catch up and talk for a bit, then we dot dot dot… and we tut tut tut… and we tra la la and la di da. *this should keep your eyes open no?* LOL! No laaa… we just meet up for few minutes coz he has to return my video cam and then rush for a meeting with the pak cik lim kok wing who wears rambut palsu on his head everyday… Sedeeeeyyyy~~~ Hahahahahahaha!

But yeah, it was great to see him again

Anyway, this trip is definitely a memorable one. Thanks to Hakeem’s wedding, every family member gets to gather together and spend a fun quality time as a family. Big thank you to the super-cool uncle Norsyam’s family, especially Hambal & Hakeem for taking care all of us and making sure that we all have a great time! Truly appreciate it!

Shit. It’s almost 5. Sleep* Sleep* Sleep* Have to get up early…..

I mean... seriously….


If you are planning to go 'April fooling' on me this morning, please be prepared to get bruises all over your body.


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