'L change the World' . I rawked my Saturday!

Yeah ok..

I know I’m a bit kuno to finally watch 'L Change the World' now. Hehe
With all the bad reviews I heard from many, Nadia’s starry-starry eyes were so piercing that I had to keep my promise to watch it with her last night.

Initially I was a bit terrified tho coz I saw only 2 of us watching the midnight show.
Serious!I saw no other human beings in the booking system

But I was wrong... ^^
There were plenty of ppl went to watch the show.

So what's my review?
Not realllyyyyyy...
*the first one i thought was draggy coz I fell asleep half way*

Actuallllllyyyyyyyyyyyy… I enjoyed the movie

Tak boring laaaaa…. Korang ni kureng btul.

Do you know why you didn’t like the movie?
I tell you why.
Coz you didn’t follow the rule of thumb!
So what’s the rule of thumb?

First! You gotta love L. Love Love Love L! XD
Second! You gotta realize that this movie is ALL about L. L L L L L L L!
Third! This is a story about what happened in between the 23 days before L kiok in Death note 2. Not entirely related to Death Note but partially.
Lastly! You must watch Death note 1 & 2 to get in touch with the character.
At least Death Note 2. Or else, you sure damn blur.

Anyhow, L DID change the world.
Plus, in this movie, you’ll finally find out what L’s real name is and understand/love his character more/better.
The story also introduces how the character ‘Near’ came into the picture.

According to Death Note Manga (comic), ‘Near’ is L’s brother (not related coz both are from orphanage) who suceeded in killing Kira, the bad guy in the end. But of course, the Director made a few twist here and there for the movie version.

Verdict: Not bad. I like it!


Ok skip that… coz today is Selina Light’s Birthday!!!!!

Happy Birthday Girllll!!!!!

Nadia and I went to RTM to serenade our bubbly friend a Happy Birthday holler right after the movie and had a late supper in Salim Lintas. BB joined us minutes later and poor him, he was seriously hungry from covering the event. We chat, gossip and sewaktu dengannya till 4am.

Woah…. Damn tired.
But every minute spent was a hell of a fun.

Thank god today’s Sunday.
Now that it’s already 6am, I’m planning to wake up at noon!
*cross fingers* Hohohohoho.

Rawking Saturday recap:

Baby sis Nadia & I had a lot of fun hanging around town yesterday, and look who we bumped into at Secret Recipe in the afternoon?

Tada!!! It’s Jaclyn Victor.

She sat right in front of our table with her big bumblebee sunglasses trying to conceal herself from the crowd.
But oh well,… you’ve been spotted!

BB was all tempted to take picture with her but was shy-shy cat to approach.
So in the end, I’ve got to do the job for him. Tsk~ Tsk~ Tsk~
*Aih~~ and you call yourself a sotong huh?*

Jk! Jk!

Jac was actually invited to perform for the Ms. Sabah World in Magellan yesterday night.
BB went to cover the event using the media pass I got from the organiser.
Cici was there as well to represent papa.
Me? Hehe...

With the picture in hand, I don’t really care much
Honest! ;)

While BB high and excited ogling at all the Miss Sabah World finalists & the special appearance made by Ms. Deborah Priya Henry, The Miss Malaysia World of 2007, Nadia and I had a wonderful dinner in D’Juntion - Umai Japanese Restaurant.

We even got our own date too!

Ladies & gentleman, boys & girls, *kick slowpanja Daniel aside* I present to you, my date of the night!

Tadaaaa!!! XD XD XD

The Umai Ninja!


We posed here and there and received clapping from the Umai workers.
but good kinda weird
LOL! So much fun

The Kota Kinabalu FREEZE for World Earth Day Project has been decided.
The venue will be in Citymall today, 20th April at 8pm.
Honestly, I don’t know what to expect from the said event, but be sure you don’t miss the very first 5-minutes freeze project in KK aight?

Gonna blog about it tonight together with Selina’s bday party in Magma. Chiao!


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