Not a happy Friday >X(

Hungry ><”
My Siu Mai delivery belum sampai-sampai till now

Fyi, the delivery guy is eating magic card in Mind Slaver right now.

*sigh* diriku hampa....

LOL! Jk.. Jk…
It’s raining super-duper heavily at this moment.
How la the delivery guy gonna send the siu mai with his bike?
*hmm.. siapa tu delivery guy aa?*
I give you a hug if you can guess it right.
*duh* - Rina
“Shhhhh……!!! Jangan bising!”

My MOBO crashed
At least that’s what we all are assuming right now.
As I’m about to blog, my mp3 player just went silent
and my mouse cursor is no where to be seen.
Tried CTRL+ALT+DELETE and punching any buttons I could think off
at that moment and it still didn’t work.

So I waited for 10-15 minutes.
Patience seemed to not working as well.
So I had to force shut down.
After few minutes, I switched it on again.
All I heard was *diiiit* *diiiit* *diiiit* sound as though it gonna blow up anytime.
I squeaked and ran for cover.

No la… I’m exaggerating. I just called up Caleb.
Serena saw sparks near the MOBO area.

So much for a happy Friday

I don’t care what Caleb gonna do about it.
I just want to retrieve my important files.
My designs! My Videos! My *tut* … My…..

Oh Shit…

*guling-guling di lantai*


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