DJ time with Selina

Pounding head…
Sleepy Eyes….

*Eyes roll 360°*

Shit... need more sleep... =_=

Tokwan (grandpa) is getting better *Alhamdulillah…*
Thank you ALL for your concern *muahs! muahs! muahs!*

Just to share one incident happened three days after Tokwan was admitted to the hospital...

Do you know that there was one doctor *i repeat.. A DOCTOR* who told my uncle, “haiya.. this one aaa....*looking at tokwan's xray result* no chance.. no chance…”
straight to his face?

Were you not educated at all man?
Who do you think you are to straight away say those kinda things without giving proper professional explanation?

I mean, Uncle Kelana was only asking how Tokwan was during that time. Dah lah he was so stress with all the commosions going on around him... at least say la.. “Sir, have a sit first” kaaa…. or… “From the look of this xray.. bla bla bla”… anything! Have some empathy man!


Seriously….If I wasn’t in KL during that time, I would’ve slapped his face hard on the spot! Bloody hell

Anyhow, while I was out with my siblings & little cousins yesterday, my friend Selina (RTM Sabah.vfm DJ) sms-ed me to invite for her English Urban Top 10 & Cruising before Dawn 11pm-2am program training.

With the sudden invitation, pounding head, bad cough, flu and sleepy eye, I had no choice but to drag myself to the studio coz I have canceled out on her last week due to event coverage assignment.

But hey... eventually.. it was all worth it

I had fun. Serious kao-kao fun

I’d never thought that she would drag me along to do a duo dj-ing with her on air.

Selina & Me on air

We received calls & sms-es throughout the 3 hours show and the listeners were so nice to welcome me to the Sabah.Vfm family.

Some of the online sms we received

Some of the online sms we received

After the show, I met up with one of the male part-timer who had been part time DJing for the last 35 years since 1978!!! *Bapa lama!*

Wow! You can seriously do that? Wohoo! Having fix job and fun part time job… with no time limitation, I don’t mind doing it too! It’s very flexible, won’t take up my time... and… working with maximum twice a week, I can get almost one grand a month!


Kaching!!! $D

DJ Fara - I had fun!


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