Killed Jerry due to Kungfu-High o_0

Uh! I cannot sleep...

I drank my favourite Hazelnut white coffee just now and am a bit
hyper and wide awake.
Plus… I’m still in the state of Kungfu-high after watching Forbidden Kingdom.
Giler kelakar.. macam bangang! Hahahahahhaa

After the movie.. some people were like
some say “Damn sucks!” which I seriously don’t know why…

But of all the monyets i’ve seen in Journey to the West, I am still very much in love with Dicky Cheung. He is the best actor to play a monyet tau????!

BetuL!!! Tak tipu!

Try see and compare?
You will go ga-ga at his cuteness XD
I kid you not.

The monk somehow reminds me of Sanzo in Gensomaden Saiyuki.
Ganas (in a way) & Drinks but minus the gun. LOL!
Haiyaaaa.. pergi tengok sendiri lah.

& I saw a little mouse on the road when we made a turn into
Rina’s housing area.

“Wooah Fara! Don’t hit the little rat” - Rina
“No lah.. tak kena.. takkan i nak langgar”

But I did

Uwaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I killed Jerry!!! ><"

After I dropped Rina off, my mouth was hanged open when I saw the poor little thing lied motionless in the middle of the road.



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