Happy Birthday Adzri!!!!!

I just got back from KingFisher.
We had a surprise bday party for Adzri in Chelvas house.

With the Aheehee gang around, you won’t miss:

  • Bbq and karaoke
  • Guitar for the talented to play and for us the not so talented to sing and scares the cats and dogs in the neighborhood away. Or if they’re nice, they’ll bark and meow along with us.
  • Evocative jokes & lots of Boozes to keep the boys and/or girls happy.
  • Rummy Mummy with his big brand new camera snapping at ugly candid

Nana was tipsy.
She beat every single boys and sayang-sayang all other girls.

Oh! How could I forget.

I went to D’junction to cover the Mr. Hunk finalists’ talent show.
Thanks Jonathan for the help!
Quick intro, Jonathan is the Chief Editor of the new Breeze Mag.
A brilliant, fun and sporting guy.
Go read Breeze Mag now.
*see? See? I promo*

2 of the finalists were the Yfitness hunkies, Mark & Walter.
Mark looks better and younger with short hair.
He pulled off few posses during his turn.
Walter on the other hand chose to tell us a joke about ‘kentut’.

Catch them next Friday at D’Junction for the Final round!


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