Minutes of Bla-Bla-Bla

Centre Point
ground floor was packed and stuffy with all the computer gigs wanting to buy cheap computer parts and gadgets. Didn’t buy anything tho coz I’m waaaaaay over the stage of wanting to buy things on the spot without even thinking twice.

“Yeaaaaah right!”

Who’s that?

OK.. ok.. fine… only half over lah… Cis!

Thumbdrives prices have dropped like bombs! E.g.

1GB – RM18
2GB – RM28
4GB – RM48
8GB – RM98

Wholly cow That cheap huh?
I remember my first thumbdrive cost about 100 bucks.

People are going hu-ha over the last KL Freeze in Unison.

Videos after videos are being posted up in YouTube for this particular "freeze" project.

It’s kinda funny tho but was quiet impress with the spirit shown namely in KL,
Trafalgar Square in London and Grand Central Station in New York.

In conjunction of the said event, our very own ClickStartPlay is planning to organize one for Kota Kinabalu as well.

This KK Freeze Project needs a thorough planning and enough people to do so.
To join, simply click on the CSP discussion board
Once decided, you can start planning your 5-minutes fame with your fashion statement / organisations even blog addresses. LOL
Oh come on.. be creative!

I am so busy with GoShop/GoLife last minute updating and ammending and client contacting and la-di-da till I totally forgotten about Rina wanting to join me for movie tonight.

So in the end, I gotta drag her to Citymall and sit her in the lounge area while I go for my dance class *gomen rina ><*

Didn’t have the heart to leave her in the office alone coz I’m afraid she would hear the ‘Help me’ whisper somewhere in the office..
Yadaaaaaa!!!! XDXDXD

I got the media pass for the Miss Sabah World event tomorrow night.
Due to limited seats, all medias are only given 1 entry tix.
Hence, I’m not going.

BB will cover the event for me nonetheless though I would really love to go and watch my friend Lynna Chua flaunting her way through the final competition.

Oh well. Maybe next time.


(sangat tidak puas hati!!!!)


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