Freedom of Entry, 2nd half

I was a bit wavering whether or not I should go to
the 2nd half of Freedom of Entry event last night.
Damn tired

But in the end I did.
Half regretted of my decision tho

I love the fact that I went with my sis
...and I like the fact that I met new friends
Mainly reporters, photographers and sailorman.

Julian & Me.
Nope... he is not my BB altho their name are the same.
and nope... he's not a Sailorman either.
He is Mayor's official photographe XD

Oh!! Dino dinosaur, Amie, Jacq and WC were there too!
Happy XD
But I hate the singers & the fireworks.
Who the heck picked the singers anyway.
Even the fireworks so kesian one
Pendek pula tu....

Don't believe me????
Click here to watch the recorded version by Dino Dinosaur.
I'm glad that I stood right in front of the fireworks shooting area with my sis.
At least I felt 'less' annoyed of not watching it with BB.

Pictures from Amie's Blog:

He sang and sounded almost like Sudirman

Amie made the fireworks look less kesian... You rawk girl!

We headed off to SOHO for a drink right after.
Brought along Izan, my new sailorman friend from TLDB (Tentera Laut Di-Raja Brunei)
He owns a lexus.
I’m dogok… I know.
But I like

I promised myself to sort out my junk clothes in the closet.
But as I’m typing this, there are half more to go since 3 hours ago.
Nope… not because I own thousands of clothes ^^
I’m just too busy layaning my chat box.
… and blog of course. Hohoho.

Pics? What pics?
Tonight can?
BB is out in the Magic Warfield.


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