I only have 5 minutes

So a quick update.
Must sleep early.
SPCA KK website is now up and running.
Loretta, president of SPCA KK called me few hours ago to ask if
I could assist her with the SPCA KK publicity team.
You kidding me? Of course I’d say yes.

Was very excited with the offer that I couldn’t stop scribbling ideas in my head.
*Sleeping early does help me to think clearly & feeling extra happy*
One idea is already in the making.
Thanking Amie and especially Foxy Tan in advance.
Tan Foxy, you’re the greatest.
Guys, if you want to make a customized blog for free, contact tan.
I can direct you to him as well.
He’s my dewa sponsor & moderator here.
All you have to do is design your own blog & he’ll get it done for you.
No strings attached.
Another 48 slots left.
So be quick!


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