Funky Doc, ya did?

Doctors even the older generations are so funky nowadays.
Chatting on
MSN and Yahoo Messenger are like their daily routine.
Example, Dr. Teo of SMC.

“Hold on a sec yeah… let me just say Hi to my friend from
“Go ahead.. be my guest”, I replied
“You’re so up to date”

Oh! Remember the executive medical check up that I have to undergo to?
That day is today and that’s the reason why I was in SMC (Sabah Medical Center).

“Ok… all set… now.. where were we”
“… mmm.. my medical history”
“Right… do you exercise regularly”
“Yes.. dancing”
“How long”
“60-90 minutes”
“Good… stress?”
“Constant headache?”
“No..” *I know those who always made me*
“Any mental problem?”
“HAHAHAHAHA… no” *I think he’ll jot down ‘yes’”
“Are you pregnant?”
“wha… NO!”
“Have you…”
“Good. Pap Smear checkup is not needed”

I was brought for an ‘ECG’ test to check on my heart activity.
You know… like the time when it is super happy or when it is being wound by any suckers out there.
No la.. just kidding

Like I said, it’s to check the electrical activity of the heart
The nurse asked me to lay down with my boobs exposed and start sticking some patch clippers on my chest and ankle.
I dare not make any eye contact with the nurse.

Our last test was the ultrasound.
Goodness knows why it takes soooo freaking long!
And why do I even need to do this test?
*rubbing my tummy*
"I don’t have cute baby in my tummy yet..gugugu"

“Don't be ridiculous!!!!” – Rina

Hmmp! Rina is such a mama

Mama with NDS and a hungry tummy 24/7.

Sana sini NDS.. Sana sini NDS.. Aihhhhss

"see? no biggie!"


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