SPCA is in town!

Yey! I'm fresh awake!

Huhuhuhu.... Now where was I....

Oh-Oh! Yeah! BB and I went to Centre Point yesterday to get new memory card for his PSP (and for me) Buahahaha! This is all due to me wanting to play the Patapon game, which is the sister game to Loko-Roko.

Click PLAY! or I don't want to friend you

Pata.. Pata.. Pata.. Pon! Kyaaaaaaa XD!! Can't wait!!!

Adzri!!!! Cepat bagiiiiii~~~

I love cute games, musical games and those RPG which have cute boys and girls in it.. Hohohohoho!

Oh! BB gonna get DJ Max from Bubbly Jack-Jack too!


See?! See?! See?! XD

Did you notice the cute guy? (at 1:03)


Or are you staring at something else... 


Anyhow, we also bumped into Dino, Amie and little Hannah.

They told us that there was an SPCA 'thingy' going on at Palm Square.
(SPCA = Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

"SPCA in KK????"

*run to Palm Square*

Tadaaa~ There they were; Opening up counters for membership registration, merchandise, face painting, info counter and many more.

SPCA Exhibition @ Palm Square


The Donation Box

They even put up the 2005 'Sheena' news/campaign on the board. Remember Sheena, the German Shepherd?. During that time, I was still in 8tv and we were involved in helping out the SPCA people to promote the Remembering Sheena Campaign.

Remembering Sheena

So now that they are in KK, why not become a member?

I know I did! Weeeeeee~~~ ^^


With one of the volunteers... and he's a kid!

Officially a member

During the registration, I met up with the SPCA KK president who coincidently happened to be my mom's former insurance agent. Gagagaga! What a small world. So I took the opportunity to get a saving plan from her as well. Talking about killing 2 birds with one stone.

SPCA KK's website is still under construction

Hope it'll be up soon!

(Thank you BB for the photos)


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