Medical Health Screening

My company is incredibly generous to arrange & fully sponsor all confirmed staffs to undergo medical health screening at SMC. As far as I can count, there’ll be 20 tests in total…. *gulp... and that’s a lot…* I suddenly felt like I’m a robot that has to undergo a maintenance service for any lose screws. Hohohohoho

So mars and I asked Lynette and FloDawn on how it went for them. They warned us that for the ECG test, (electrocardiogram) *huh..what?* we have to take off our shirt including the bra. *Whattttttt????* XD XD XD …. And some more…. For the complimentary PAP Smear test, there’s no female doctor aside from the males! Naniiiiiiiiiiii???????????

According to Lynette, there are 3 male doctors that you can choose. An old hunchback doc, a middle-aged doc or a young doc name Julian. WTF??? I am not getting any doctor with the same name as my BB! *imagining doctor sotong going under and ogling at u-know-what* Yadaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! XD XD XD

Shit! Shit! Shit! Mars, Rina and I have been scheduled to go in another 12 days. *running left*running right*running left*running right*

BB PSP is all well and alive. Nothing wrong with it at the first place *squinting eyes at BB*

So guys, if one day….
ONE DAY ur PSP decided to play dead… charge it at different power plug ok? Coz you never know that one of your power plug decided to play dead too. Terima kaseh~

Mr Hunk Finals will be on tonight at D’Junction 10pm. Will post about it laterz.


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