Hyatt's Chinese Restaurant

So I was invited to attend the launching of Hyatt’s Chinese Restaurant’s new signature dish – The Peking Duck Quack* Quack* Quack*

I almost-almost-almost forgot about the luncheon till i check my email 2 hours before it started.

If not, Tina gonna kill me for sure *gulp*

Upon arrival, Julian, Mars and I were seated together with the Alapage & Breeze Magazine people.

Bzzzt Bzzzt Bzzzt… awkward…

Hohohoho.. not for me.. but for them.

Well.. at least I know the Alapage side are.

We had about 7-8 ‘made in china’ signature dishes prepared
by Chef Tay.

sizzling lamb dish

Burrpp! hmmmm~

“It was him…” *pointing at Julian*

We strayed to Wisma Merdeka to shop for some Body Shop products.

Splurging always make me happy~ Wheeeeeeeee~

*Hey, I work part-time for my materialistic spending, thank you very much*

My pay cheque is in, and it’s time to do the usuals.

Pay bills. *Argh crap*

As I settled my bloody PTPTN bills and dot.. dot.. dot.. bills, I moved on to pay for my credit card bills until I see……




O…. My…..Gosh…



The thing is, there was one night when papa ripped open my credit card bills quietly and confronted me the next morning with the 5Ws & 1H questions while trying to keep his face cool, cute and maintaining his BIG GRINNING SMILE =D trying not to laugh at me.

“Aya~~~ how did your bills get to dot… dot... dot…?”

“Oh my gosh! You didn’t…”
“Yes I did”
“How could you open up my billsssss… MY billsssss!!!”
“Ermm~ Ermm~ I ‘ter’open”
TERRRRRR open????”
“Hehehehehehe…………. *continues* but Aya….. why [please insert whatever you guys want here]”
“Aiyerrrrr.. those are KL bills. The saki baki bills from my spending in KL during study/work… I’ll settle it myself.. you don’t have to do anything or worry bout it”

*and yet he did*

So I called him to say thank you.

“No worries… I don’t fancy seeing you working part time just to pay bills. Just think before you buy anything.. don’t make it into a habit okay?

*which I did and stop alreaddddyyyyyyyyyyy bahhhh!!!! ><” How am I gonna explain this*
*slap old shopaholic faranina*

“Ouch… Alright… ><”

Do you know how guilty I am feeling right now? ><"

Okay… okay… Let me get this straight.

I work part time to:

  • splurge *tralalalala*
  • have fun, learn and build network
  • save *getting a Great Eastern saving plan – any other suggestions?*
  • travel
  • whatever comes into mind

“See… daddy loves you”
, says Sotong
“I tau lah!”
“Well go say thank you”
“Good girl”

“Hrmmmm~ what to buy next..”

*matrix dodge flying mug*



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