Go get Mother Earth a reminder pls XD

Mother Earth
was out shopping in
Paris last Sunday and only remembered to make yesterday as Earth Day in Sabah.

I was halfway through my dancing class till the whole KK turned black.


Went to check up on BB’s grandma at home and also my tokwan in Hospital before going for our early dinner at KFC.

Most people got frustrated when KFC ran out of chicken.
I got frustrated most when it was finally my turn to order, this ah lien girl ordered 5... 5 sets of snack plate!
1 not enough meh???? Grrrrr…. It’s all YOUR fault.

Fyi, I’m not racist.. I’m just hungry.

BB’s hungry face turned 360° to ultimate exasperation. But at that point of time, he’ll eat anything that’s available. So he got himself the last 2 Zinger burger and another serving of Fried Udon later at Sj CafĂ©. *Woah… this sotong definitely can wallop everything when he’s hungry*

But anyhow, last night’s major black-out was not really that bad, wasn’t it?

Everywhere we drove, we saw candle lights in restaurants here and there.
Kinda romantic in a way

The atmosphere kinda turned my perception differently.

When everything turns basic, and you don’t have anything better to do, everyone started to call each other, to get together, to really speak to one another and that’s when you really listen to what the other half is saying. No distraction except from the blardy hell mosquito


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