Goodness… =_=

An event which I thought would end up at 12am eventually concluded at 2.15a.m =_=

*zombie mode* I smell like smoke and beer… *yuck* bad combination.

I couldn’t take a late night shower coz the water heater is in my parents’ room. (The hell i’m gonna take a freezing cold shower at this hour) *bearing with bad smell*

Compared to Shennanigan's Mr. Valentines last February, I gotta say that D'juntions - Fun Pub Bistro Mr Hunk winners for this year are quiet agreeable.

Mr. Hunk Finalists 2008

There are 6 titles & 3 winners for the Mr. Hunk 2008 event, and both Yfitness personal instructor bagged the titles.

Title Winners:

Mr. Best Body:
Mark (Yfitness Personal instructor and also Shennanigan’s Mr. Suave & Mr. Body Beautiful 2008)

Mr. Photography:
Billy (a tough self-booby-playing man)

Mr. Talent:
Walter (Yfitness Personal Instructor)

Mr. Best Dancer:
Nazri (Oh this.. I have to disagree… I think… er… Alan
*is that his name?* deserves it better… seriously)

Mr. Macho:
Frederick (He was a finalist in the last Shen’s Mr. Valentine)

Mr. Popular:
Issac (He was indeed very popular just now.. so many crowd cheering)

Mr. Hunk 2008 event winners:

1st Place: Billy

2nd Place: Issac

3rd Place: Alex

So as clear as it is, Billy and Issac got two titles this year.

I am practically still traumatized with lots… I seriously mean LOTS of drag queens lip singing in between the events and as for the band….. the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ band…. Oh no… I couldn’t even understand what they were singing. Their pronunciation sounded gibberish.

Plus, for this event itself, I’ve seen so many….’things’… I shouldn’t be ogling at... =_= It was just toooo distracting! What the heck am I suppose to do????

“You definitely enjoy the eye candies tonight huh? LOL ”, BB asked
(pfft… more like a sore-eye candy adalah…. Oh tidak.. mata ku rosak!)

Anyhow, there are too many photos to be shown. I suggest you guys visit BB’s blog for more photos and fun captions. You’ll laugh your heart out.. THAT I promise.


Recognise who she is?

It's Joanne Kimberly J. Majalap
- D'Junction Miss Oriental 2008

Jonathan (Breeze Editor) and Me! (GoLife! Editor)


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