I was 10 minutes
late for my dance class.
The Y-fitness receptionist told me that starting next month
they’ll lock the door once the dance class started.

I know I’m always late for Monday class

The BodyJam started at 6.15pm for goodness sake.
How la am gonna fly there in 15 minutes from office with all the
traffic light stopping my rempitness along the way.
*come to work early, go off early*

I know it was a friendly reminder/announcement
But out of the blue, I felt eccentric all of a sudden and my
mood suddenly drops like a bomb.
So I went for bicycle instead.
.. and I sweat like woah~

Unlike PMS, Post-MS *if there is such a word* made me crave for food less.
So I went to Fressh with BB for a light dinner.
YoFruit = Papaya + Pamelo + Peach

Grabbed CLEO mag, October 2007 issue.
It was one of their best editions.
Haven’t bought any magazines lately.
Must remind self to buy

Was chatting with BB on how I made Hannah turned evil.
Below was a phone conversation between me & Hannah yesterday.

“Hello kakak Farah~”

“Hannnnnaaaaaaah…. Where are you?”
“I’m in the car going back with daddy”
“Uuuuhhhh…. That’s nice….”
“Uhh!! Uhh!! Hannah… you know what…. Last night kakak farah watched biiiiiig fireworks”
“Mhm! A biiiiiiig one. And you know what?
didn’t bring you to see the BIIIIIIGGGGG Fireworks........kan?”

“Tiada” (no he did not)
“Aww… I tell you what.. You look at daddy now… then you scream ‘daddy! Why didn’t you bring me to see firework!’ then you can hit daddy nicely”
*Hannah was laughing devilishly as if we’re planning a world domination*

Suddenly I heard:


*pak! pak! pak!*pak! pak!*pak!*pak! pak!*

All I heard was,
“Ouch!! Ouch!! Hannah! Why you hit daddy???? Ouch!”

.. and it ended with Hannah’s evil laughter echoing on the phone.

Gila ganas Hannah
Didn’t thought that she would actually do that.
*Tho I anticipated it... La-di-da~*

Dino Dinosaur gonna anti me for sure.
Forget anti-evil-che2-fara.
He’s gonna put Hannah few feet away from me as of yesterday.

My tummy hurt everytime I remember what happened.
He has tried to bribe Hannah and said
“Hannah… che2 Fara is evil.. do you know that?”

But he ended up being hit.
Good girl Hannah…

*give Hannah chocolate*

Kuuuuuuuuuuuuukukukukuku~~~~~~ *evil*

Team Devilicious


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