KL Trip 01 - Meet the cuzziieessss

Yey!!! I can online!!!
Thanks Raheel for the maxis broadband.
Buuuuuuuuuutttt...... it is still sloooowwwwww as hell!
No thanks to my location right now.

By the way… *woozy* air travel is so not cool especially with pounding head thanks to menses and painful ear caused by air pressure and altitude T-T

Anyhow… this is a short one guys.

I arrived safely in KL and I am now in Gombak at Anjung Rahmat Inn.

I met up with Banos at the airport for a short 15 minutes just now.
You’re hot as Mariah Carey as ever nok.
Happy Zap Zap away with your new Uzap
*yes.. I finally sold it to him*

Haleem and Co. arrived half and hour later.
Wow boy... you’re taller and skinnier than I last saw you.
Few minutes after that.. YEY* Hambal is here!
…and off we went for late supper.

I slept throughout the rough journey from lcct to gombak.
I dreamt that I was in a Jet boat and a Ferarri car racing on the F1 track.
*Haleem… you’re rempitness is killing me in my sleep*

After a rocky journey, we arrived ‘undamaged and unharmed’ *fiuh~ syukuuuuurrr alhamdulillah* at Restaurant Pha-Pha Seafood Thai *suddenly remember abg azmi of ctmall who likes to call me fa-fao*

I had carrot milk & tom yam soup. Yummy~
*having it in kl is just different than in kk and I’m not sure why, so don’t ask*

Back to the inn, I took some pictures of Hakeem’s wedding ‘Hantaran’ (bridal gift).

So here you go peeps. Stuff yourself with these photos.
Will try to post up more for the wedding ceremony tomorrow.
No promises though...

I’m going to gather all my strength to go into the …*gulp* scary bathroom and punch myself to sleep! Oyasumi!

Cici & Nadia in the plane

Adrus-kun! Cici's prince charming

Cousin Raheel, Aunt Nor, Grandma Wan and Mama

At Fa-fao Pha-Pha Restaurant

Cousin Hareez

Cousin Haleem

Hambal & Me

OMGosh~ Telur Bungkus... ku merinduimu.....

Sotong Goreng Tepung... KK's much better

Carrot Milk

Late Supper....

One of the Bridal Gifts

Pretty Amazing Flower.... Why?

Coz it's money flowerrrrr~~~ Buahahaha!

Guess Watch

Wedding Ring

Guess Bag

The utmost important gift

Make up by MAC

Guess Perfume


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