‘If you want something done right,

do it yourself’

No surprises there.

What better then going down the field yourself + with your cool boss?

= Perfect combo.

Caleb and I met the shop managers/supervisors/owners and covered ½ of Citymall outlets in a day and *yey* we received great response!

Well.... LOL!

we get this A LOT tho:

Free? Why Free?
You don’t want free?
If all Free then how you make money????
(why do people like to ask this sorta question anyway)
*smile widen*and wider*and wider~*

Ohhhh~~~ very good! Very good!
Cool huh?
Cool! Cool!

Aiseh. This is the typical thing u get from anybody indeed. Pay don’t want. Free also don’t want. Then how? That proves ppl are always get conned by free stuff, till everything is considered ‘with strings attached’.

This reminds me of one of the shop’s supervisor. Her expression looked like she’s about to be kidnapped by us. LOL. Haiyer sis. We haven’t finished talking; your face is already chalking white. Daymn funny man. We just can’t stop laughing whenever we talk about her.

Gonna wrap up every shops there tomorrow and proceed to Asia City Complex.

Guys, stay tuned for a complete all in one shopping blog in GoShop!

PS: GoShop! is a premier online directories for shoppers where shop owners can blog about their products/ events/ promos/ vacancies/ whateva and you guys on the other hand (the shoppers of coz) will be able to get the latest happenings directly from the shop owners + shop location = less walking + save time + up-to-date info.

ALL shops. ALL shopping malls. ONE portal.



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