So I went to the dentist today…

“Doc, my tooth hurts. It’s extra sensitive nowadays”
, I whined
“It shouldn’t be, coz the tooth has no more nerve”
, said the dentist
“Sure or not?”
*tap *tap
*tap *tap
“this one?”
*tap *tap
“Hrmm.. it seems that the treatment has failed.
We have to redo again”

“Errr.. ok”
“I’ll give you antibiotic and take it for a week.
If it’s still the same, I’ll be seeing you again”
“T-T okay”

I got the medicine for free. Bagus! Buahahahhaa!

Oh-oh! ^^ SPM result is out!

Nadia succeeded with flying colours.

Wohoo! Congrats sis!

Anyhow, my goonies and I did some shopping at Wisma Merdeka for 4 hours after getting Nadia’s SPM result. Cooool~~~ and tonight, Papa will be taking us to Promenade to celebrate Nadia’s achievement.

After 3 months of MIA, I received an unexpected sms from someone I know.

Someone dear I have to admit.

Basically it concluded:

“thinking of you. we should meet soon”

Apa angin dia I am not sure.

Situation like this always landed me with questions.

What am I to this person considering our history?
How should I react?
And who am I to the person I’m currently with right now?
What is my current position?
Is playing safe a new cool trend right now?
Am I a girl who won him away? Or
Am I stupid enough to be the second fiddle? Or
Am I a girl who is mature and willing to wait? Or
Am I a girl who’s sensitive, don’t mind the situation so as to not hurt anybody else?

I hate it when ppl start asking bonus questions.
"Are you with.." / "How about.." / "Then what.."
*fill in the blanks*

Hearing the “Cupid’s chokehold” song by Gym Class Heroes is seriously traumatizing. The phrase “Barararap~ Barararap” that Mars changed to “Sachiko~ Sachiko~” is playing in my head. I hate that song. Dang u mars. Hahahahaha.

They asked, are you happy?
Yes. I am happy. Very-very happy.
Send a message to my goonies if you’re not sure.
Coz they noticed it even before I notice it myself.
Staying positive is what I always do best.
But for how long?
I too have a heart.
My sis told me to relax.
Sigh… That’s the thing. I am not as strong as her.
Faith is the closest thing I have now.

Tralalalalala! Ok!!! This is not an emo blog.

Papa is back. YEY! Makan di Promenade!

Tata Titi Tutu~~~


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