“I die, you die, we all die. Byebye”

XD I just couldn’t stop saying that until now

Spiderwick was indeed a great movie. Full of unexpected plot especially the ending.

The ending was funny that Mocha laughed so hard, and it scared me more than the ogres & troll did in the movie. Tak tipu ok~ LOL!

I was also fooled by the two siblings in there. I really thought that Freddie Highmore has a twin brother! Choy~ Choy~ Choy~ The same how I got fooled with Lindsay Lohan in Parent Trap when I was little. *Sigh~ sometimes… some people just never learn* Tralalalalala~

Anyhow, if you haven’t watched it, you should. If you don’t like it, then you’re old. Hohohohoho~

Mocha and I had lunch with Dino today, and as usual, I ordered Mee Goreng Mamak~~~

Sluurppp~~ Nyum! Nyum!!
You guys MUST go to the RoofTop in Imperial Hotel. The rendang was good, the mee mamak of coz very-very good (coz I said so), and according to Dinosaur, soon, there’ll be Indian dishes which will swipe your feet away to the land of India. So Ravejoint ravers.. this is your cue to sms… I mean.. rave.

We also met Jason and the gang at KAC before going to Citymall for gym, then to dinner at Umai with Rummy-mummy, mars and Rina-cat, picked up Robin and off we went to watch Spiderwick.

It was cold in the cinema..... and I forgot to bring my jacket T-T…again! Huhuhu..

My pelupaness is worsening everyday thanks to mocha.

I keep on forgetting all the simple and important things these few days, like when I woke up so early to dry my gym pants only to left the house without it… or forgot to lock my car before going up to the office and… others... I don’t dare to mention it here.

But one forgetfulness experience that I could not forget was during the last Louis Pang workshop.

”Hey… there’s Paul right there.. LOL”, Mars said pointing out to Paul
”Who’s Paul?”, I asked
- Mars
“Paul… as in .. our intern?”
”Since when do we have an intern name Paul?”
- Mars & Mocha
”My goodness….. B,….. Paul sits everyday just beside you…”
“……………” *me thinking*
“………………” *mocha and mars waiting*
”Owh! That Paul.. our intern kan?!”
- *mars smack her own forehead... mocha speechless*

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!! Sorry Paul. Sorry Paul. Sorry Paul.

Lol! I pray that I won’t forget mocha or any of my close friends and family. Who knows, one day:

“mocha? Who’s mocha? Have I ever had a beau named mocha? I know that that’s a hot yummy drinks tho”

OHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!! Choy~ Choy~ Choy~ *trying to find wood to knock*

Tomorrow, Mama is receiving an award *which I haven’t got any input yet* for Maulidur Rasul. Whatever it is, *yey*, Congrats Mama.

“Bangun awal. We’re leaving at 7.45am”
, mama reminded me
“Yes… don’t be late”
*With my lack of sleep these few days and dark circles worsening, I can foresee that I am sooooo gonna be called as ‘PO’, the Panda in the upcoming Kung Fu Panda movie by Rum*

Oyasumi~ ^^

*my DJ boss sms’ed me and apologise regarding the other day’s incident*

*TQ & I appreciate it*


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