Malam Citra Wanita Anggun

Despite being frantic about julie’s surprise bday party, the last minute request to do mcing for my mom’s important event, djing in ctmall and tralalala..… I must say that I had an extremely great weekend. can’t say more.

Oh! Btw, I brought the sotong man to CUBE restaurant at City Mall for his birthday lunch. Fyi, it’s for the sake of US wanting to try out a new eating place.

So we had a set lunch…

Set Lunch

Normal price: RM22, and now is RM14.99++
(pfft… why cant they just say rm15 straight?)

Main choice of:

Baked Cheese Fish Filet Rice
(I had this one)


Curry Chicken Rice
(Julie picked this one)


Cube Noodles

Seasonal Pancake

Vietnam Coffee or English Tea

We also had:
Golden Squid Ball (Squid and Cheese), RM16
Why Squid Ball?? Maybe coz it was a squid day….
Wait… he is a sotong man after all. Buahahahaha!


Sweet Sesame Ball, RM6 which is a salty egg, butter & milk.
(Hrrmmm… we definitely had so many balls that day ><”)


Yaaaaaiiiiii… ndak sedap oooooo. T-T

The price is similar to Upperstar….

But the portion?
The taste?
Are we going there again sayang? And Julie sez…

The Curry chicken rice was so-so… the Baked Fish Fillet Rice was so-so as well (but memuakkan)… The Seasonal Pancake… emm… Fook Yuen pancake tastes WAAAY BETTER!!! The drinks… tralalala…it tastes just like normal kopi-o or Lipton Tea… seriously.

Furthermore… despite the price of the Squid ball which I expect to get 4 or 5 balls out of it, we ended up getting 2 freaking big balls, cut into half with cheese inside and it tasted P.E.L.I.K!!! And it is 16 bucks for goodness sake! I can get 2 KFC Dinner plate for that!!!

Whatever it is… I gotta say that the Sweet Sesame Ball was not bad. The hot and sweet filling tasted like butter bun filling.

The presentation wise and the environment was a job well done tho, but it sure can scare the customer away in a sense that they have this some kind of an upper-class aura that says “you must have a platinum card to eat here buddy”.

I hope they’ll put more variety into their menu and find better chef.

The Bday Boy

Curry Chicken Rice

Baked Cheese Fish Fillet Rice

Seasonal Pancake (><" so obscene)

Squid Ball (Looks better than its taste)

Sweet Sesame Ball


These are some photos from the MPWS event that I was MCing for. All the aunty-aunty got excited, dancing for the first 15 minutes… after the ala-ala aerobic dance with Mr. Rahman (the dance choreographer), all the aunties turned kaput.

MPWS Malam Citra Wanita Anggun

Freestyle Dancing

Me MCing

'Mama gue yang senantiasa rock gitu!'

My Sayang

My Goony Sis

"yes... yes... I sayang you too"


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