My tooth on the right side is killing me!!!
Shit! Shit!! Shit!!
It’s piercing like hell!


scrap the pain…
coz I met up with the crazy folks from 8TV this morning!
Weeeee!!!! XD

It sure is felt like home…
Especially when I met up with ex-boss Sunil and Adam of 8-team.
*hey Adam, you look tougher than b4! Reoowww!*

No wonder Eileen looks familiar.
We DID passed by each other while I was still in 8tv;
only that we never really talk or properly introduced to each other.

I passed Adam a little souvenir for Tania.
Tania, you know who’s in the list.
Do your assignment yeah.
Miss you lah! ^^

Anyhow, the audition went great.
I was pretty impress with our local talents.
(Except one guy who.. I’m not quiet sure whether he was dancing or clubbing. Sedey~)
They really can dance you know!
One of them was quiet cute too!
I kid you not

*psst*psst* tengok tu. cute chinese boy *psst* psst*
*zing* *zing* *feeling a purple vibe*
*turn to look at mocha*
<--- innocent look on me
<--- sepet look on mocha *just add a little more sotong face in here*
"ehehehehe... hi~ I love you?"


Fyi, this is the first time that the Malaysian ‘So you Think You Can Dance’ programme search for talents outside west-malaysia. So guys, make Sabah proud! Especially the cool lady who happened to be a great PIU dancer. You rock girl! Don’t be shy and stop looking down the floor while dancing!

After the bla-bla-bla, light branch with mocha, I rushed to meet up with mama and my two goonies at CPS for Duyung movie. Yo Prof! Finally, THIS is what I call a real up-to-standard movie okay? You seriously should thank Apek for the funny script and KRU production for the efx and etc.

We seriously haven’t had family outings with papa for quiet a while. So I smsed him to have one later.

*cricket*cricket* No reply.

Cici said papa malas keluar.

So much for missing him for a week. Tralalalala.
Poor mama. Jom la ma. Kita jak keluar.
Only few minutes to finish work. Yosh!

Gururgurgruru.... Harahettta~~~


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