Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Like Garfield...
I hate monday….

Assignment… GoShop!
Location… Citymall
So yeah… It was another day in Citymall.
Lazy monday I must say.
I followed Caleb around like an animated zombie.
My soul almost fly out from my mouth.. Fiuh Fiuh~~~ XD
We covered all shops inside the mall, leaving the exterior ones.
Had lunch at ‘Poppea’.
Snack at ‘Fresh’.
Bumped into Massy, Dori2, Cubex & IrTea at CarcaSean Café.
*Kanak-kanak ribena… playing board game while I’m stuck doing my work.. Grrr*
Rempit to gym right after I posted the last entry.
Kim & Mocha was there. Dino wasn't.
Dino sangat malas rajin. *I know Dino reads my blog*
Danny repeated the dance step.
As always, still fun!
Went into the steam room to get wet.
If I’m a food, I’d be steamed fish.
Why fish?
Coz I have one photo in blue striped shirt which really looks like Dory.
Dory who?
Finding Nemo lah! Tu pun tak tau… apa macam.
Cherry (gym friend) thought I was a sino-kadazan
Anyway yeah, her name is Cherry…
You know… buah cherry… bulat.. merah… hiasan kek…
Kalau tak tau, balik tadika can?
Late dinner at Hana with Mocha, Dino, Amie & Kim.
Amie tapau’ed’ big apple donut.
Tempted like hell.
Mocha covered my eyes.
T_T “it’s so harrrddd to resisssst”

Lunch @ Poppea

Bebola Api! Betul laaa!

Real Sunflower.... Tak tipu laaa!

Jack and the Rose Stalk... I kid you not!

OK-Ok... kali ni betul... it really bended like that

"Stop!!! I want to take photo. Can? Can?", said I to the waitress.

I crept to shoot


Edit: I hope this font is big enough to catch their attention.
Cici & Nadia, I've tried my very best to squeeze my time for everything & everybody in between work & assignments. Hope you two understand. I feel extremely terrible than I already am every single day for not being able to be home by 5. For not able to have dinner by 7. For not able to go to the beach or wherever you two wished to go with me. I can't change my fixed working hour. I can't change my paid gym schedule. I can't change my DJing hour. I am not mama & papa who's very flexible & successful. You two don't favour me explaining in details, which i will leave it to your assumptions & judgement. Maybe I should stick my schedule on the fridge OR tell me a day; I'll take a leave to hang out OR if it makes you two happy, I will quit my DJ.


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