I had a hair cut today with Julia. I must say, she was quiet pissed…

Well.. literally speaking la...

“Waaaa…. After New Zealand trip,
your scalp is soooo dry!”
, shouted Julia
“Huh? Well… hehehehe”
*sebenarnya Julia, I’ve been back since January
but too lazy to go for a trim.. Kuuuuuukukukuku*

“You hair have dry ends. When was the last time you had a trim?”
“err…. Since we last met”
“Whatttt??? That was 3 months ago!!!”
“Yadaaa!!! Gomen nasai!”
“Boy… shesheshesheshe ^*(@#^(*@#^$)(@#”
*talking in chinese - instructing her shampoo boy to give me scalp scanning*
*thanks Julia. love you Julia. you're the best caring hairstylist Julia*

I was given a new hair cut and yey! a free scalp therapy treatment. I tell you, your scalp will feel like heaven when you do this treatment. It uses the exclusive nioxin product and it felt reaaaaaaly cool. I think it costs around RM80(?) Will double check with her okay? ^^

Today is definitely a non-stop kena belanja day. From lunch with cubex, mars & rina to dinner with my gym-pal cherry, yam-cha with sensei, (Yes, sensei that I mentioned in my previous entry) and of coz, mocha.

It was really nice to see sensei again. He’s doing well, with erm... a bit of extra tummy. Tudududududu~. He hugged me when we greeted each other till he saw mocha (*yes, mocha knows about this meeting*). Oh! I introduced them both of course (talk about awkwardness).

“Sensei, meet mocha. Mocha, meet sensei ^^”

Seriously, I felt like saying,
“Hi! Husband 1, meet husband 2. Husband 2 meet husband 1

Label them according to your liking.
Ok.. tak funny

But long story short, all of us were at Old Town White Coffee Citymall. Mocha bumped into and joined ShiverDaniel and another friend of his *they were there earlier on* and sat outside while I went inside to have a chat with Sensei.

As usual, we talked about the usual stuff. Knowing Sensei, he would be talking non stop about business, investment, politics and more uncle stuff. Sedey~ He dyed his hair and was wearing MU jersey. Awww… so cute! Ngeeeee XD..... He’s planning to join the gym and of course, I promoted Y fitness.

We only chit chat for about 45 mins till we don't know what else to talk about *mocha and I average chit chat time a day is about 2 hours non-stop* and after la-di-da and yada-yada-yada, we said goodbye and…… hrmm… that’s it XD. We better of as friends I guess and I didn’t miss him like how I used to. Sigh~

Come on… It’s not that I didn’t try my best to make it work. Heck, it has been a year and despite his gentleman-ness, he still chose to be an ass-hole most of the time, come and go as he pleases and makes you feel like a door mat; and there’s only so much I could take. Believe me, I’ll slap you if you say I syok sendiri coz there is NO GIRL who will not confuse with the hugs and kisses and all other loving gestures this guy had given unless you don't really find those gestures as special and had been receiving it in regular basis.

To me, what's most important is communication.
Nothing beats a great conversation.
Without it, no matter how mushy you can get,
sooner or later, mark my word, it'll just be dead.

Tralalalalala..... So he’s a sweet talker and I was a dumb innocent and naive girl. Boo-hoo (*duh*) What to do? Next!

Oh! I have made so many gangs in Citymall. From the cleaner to the maintenance guy to the security guard. They even offered to play songs for me if I want to go lepak. Cool huh? So I made a deal with them for tomorrow’s DJing… Ngiiiiihihihihihi. Biarlah Rahsia~~~ Ooooohohohohohoho~

Nooo... this is an old devil photo.. not the new hairstyle ^^


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