Polling on its way

So our office in Sabah Trade Centre has been selected as one of the polling locations for this morning’s big day. This is what it looked like the day before today's Election Day.

Empty Hall before the Election Day

For the first timer, you can expect to see these:

Mars, the part time polling clerk

Err..she's also the registrar gal. (LOL!)

To all virgin voters.. Tips to decide: drop a mineral water bottle and see where it's pointing. Hohohoho!

Was Djing at Ctmall as usual. While waiting for my food, I took more photos of kids. This time, it's sweeter!

ZOMG! This CUTE girl really reminds me of my sis,
Cici when she was 1 and baby-sis Nadia when she was 3!!!

Her big sister behind reminds me of me. Not the face, but the personality itself. While this cute girl who looks like Cici & Nadia remain calm, cool and collected, her big sister on the other hand was weird and like to run around by herself and laugh non-stop.

Crap. I am so sleepy. I can’t stand it anymore. Gotta wake up SO early for the election in few hours and get it over with.



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