To all my lovely readers… today’s entry is a bit special

Today… I really need you guys to be really good in your imagination..


Now here we go….

Let’s start with me lighting up the aromatherapy pot…
Lavender scent that is….
Switch on extremely soothing song…
Let us add some wave sound… and some birds flying….
Opening a box of hazelnut chocolate…
You can imagine it as Hershey’s if you want
Sipping a hot and delicious mocha…
If you want milo ping... go ahead…

Now…. Imagine me talking like a veeeeeery saint woman… with a big smile on my face.. like how you normally see a person high on ecstasy…

So this is today’s story…

Remember that I was attacked by a scary botak monster last Saturday?
Can’t remember…?
Awww… I’m not angry….
*smile* *smile* *smile*
Just click here

For those who knows me, I’m young, and a very happy go lucky person no?

So today… a happy go lucky Fara won’t go saying those weally-weally bad words coz it might offend my fans out there *dodging flying shoes* Giggle *controlling the urge to puke*

Now anak-anak sekalian… If you call yourself a Malaysian… you should know by now that Thursday (Maulidur Rasul – Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday) and Friday (Good Friday) is a public holiday… right? Just pretend you know, that'll do.

So for that reason, kakak Fara went on to sms the little bad scary botak monster to confirm whether I should be working or not on those two public holidays…

The little bad scary botak monster then replied that kakak Fara has to work on those two days.

Since Thursday is Maulidur Rasul, my royal parents, Queen Mama and King Papa wanted to organize a ball kenduri kesyukuran for their princesses on our success in education (Princess Cici & I graduated.. and Princess Nadia got her SPM result and going to Uni soon).

In conjunction of this event, I replied to the big bad botak monster that the king and queen is organizing a kenduri and that I wont be able to work on Thursday night. Even my colleague, DJ Alan might not be able to cover my shift coz he’s working at Shens at night.

Being concern, I told the weally-weally big bad botak monster that I don’t mind if I’m not paid for Thursday, and also the days that I’ll be in KL (next week).

You know that I am done with him, plus, will get really-really busy starting April like what I told you before, true?

So I reminded him that March will be my last month of working as DJ and that I am sorry if I have caused any inconveniences.

He didn’t reply.

As I was on my way to the gym, the big bad botak monster called:

“Fara!”, his tone sounded menacingly
“Yes, speaking”, I replied
“You know what, if you want a day off, just say that you want a day off.. You don’t have to go and make up stories and all those stuff”
“Making up stories????”
“Next time, if you want a day off, just say Hey Andrew, I want a day off”
“I wasn’t making up stories"
“You know what.. It is seriously frustrating to find last minute replacement.”

Kanak-kanak… we paused here for a bit. Fyi, the botak monster told me once that I have to at least let him know minimum 3 days before I want to take any leave; and today is 3 days before and just so you know, I never asked for last minute day off except for the Louis Pang photography workshop last sunday.

Ok.. let’s click the play button to continue...

“…not only that, you know Friday is a working day for us”
“Friday? I didn’t ask for Friday.. I ask for Thursday… since it is going to be Maulidur Rasul, my family want to have kenduri that night”
“ *blabbering about Friday again and god knows how ‘smart’ he was’* ”
“No Andrew, I only ask for Thursday… I’ll still be coming on Friday till Sunday as usual”
*he paused*
“Yes.. only Thursday, and I’ll come to work as usual”
“Thursday… should be ok… So when are you going to KL again?”
*Tried to change topic here aren’t we?*
“Next week”
“What date?”
“28th….. that’s Friday.. until when?”
“So Thursday next week….”
“Yes, I’ll still come for Thursday as usual”, cutting him off
“Alright.. thanks a lot”
, puts down phone
*shaking my head*

See kanak-kanak sekalian…. Smart people can be ‘too smart’ that they simply assume things and snap at you for no reason. Fyi, not only that the big bad botak monster accused me for lying and making up stories… He also didn’t apologise for what he said. A very-very-very good example for a boss no?

Tsk.. Tsk.. Tsk… Ego can be a homicide to those who have it full tank sometimes…

I remembered Nadia expressing her concern that I must get a day off on Thursday as it is
a very important day for all of us in the family…

So I said,

“Nadia… I’m gonna get bombed kao-kao.. but I’ll try my best to get a day off”
“OMG.. it’s Maulidur Rasul.. takkan dia tak faham”
“I know… but even if Aya kena pecat, I won’t regret at all coz I’m quitting anyway”
“Betul! Betul!”
“Plus… bila lagi nak kena pecat kan? Asyik record baguuuuus saja. Let us rasa perasaan kena pecat at least one time in life”
“Yaha… oh… if kena pecat… I want you to say this”
“What’s that?”
“Hey botak… TQ very much. That is what I’ve always wanted and please… get yourself a hair tonic”

sometimes having sisters is the best thing in the world.


Even if I were to say, “Hey Andrew, can I have a day off on Thursday?”

Logically in a normal conversation, the next question would be, “why?”

Of course, you would have to explain yourself no?

Won’t I be accused to making up stories after that too? Come on~

*simple stuff turned into a complicated issue* - not my cup of tea.

So to all my readers, please... please… please… if you are a smart person, you DO NOT go and work with this guy.

Scary boss? I can handle... but unreasonable boss…
says “you can kiss my poo-poo sucka!”

Haru... you're so cute.

So before I end my entry, here’s my love letter to my dearest boss:

Dear ‘I used to respect you' boss,

I am not sure which part of hell did you came from… but I bet it’s just the first level.. I think I’ll meet worse boss in the future as I grow from my experience.

I know it’s bad to assume things, but I do want to assume that you had been struggling hard to survive in this bad-bad world, and that’s why you love to believe that reasons are merely lame excuses & made up stories and incapability is just a reason to be ‘lazy’.

It is so sad to be you and I give you my utmost regret.

Thank you for giving the experience of having a silly and unreasonable, bad-tempered boss.

Have a great life ahead! ^^



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