Vantage point…


See… that’s what I call a film! No super-trooper effects really needed. With creative plot, casts that fit and great storyline is adequate enough for me to get through 1hr+ without cursing or falling asleep.

GoShop assignment in Citymall might take another few days to finish (till Friday perhaps). We discovered that there ARE definitely a lot of shops there despite how deadly it looks every time I’m there…..*gulp*… EVERYDAY

This saturday is the 8th of this month.

8th is when Papa will be back from Sandakan
*yey! Dinner with papa! But I’m working part time at night? How? How?*
8th is also the date for election.
*But I have gym and dance class from 11-4pm! Haiyaaaa I don’t want to wake up early*
8th is ALSO a day where Dino invited for a Kundasang trip
*Again.. Too last minute to inform my DJ boss… BUT… IM TEMPTED!!!!*

What’s with the 888!!! It’s supposed to be a lucky number!




Lookie-Lookie! Random photos while at work.

While at Lunch

While waiting for Caleb

I shall hang this in my office

I was suppose to shoot a manequine when I encountered this

I got 'the look' from the shopkeeper while at this

I ignored the mom, and entertain the poser

Holes for the colourful bees

Dollies hanging at a garden wall


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