I heard weird noises…

‘*ssssssssssstt~ MmmMmmmmmm~’

Where did the sound come from?

’sstt…AHH~ Mmmmm~~’


=| MSNing’ Rina |=

“I think our intern here is making funny creepy sound Rina! Takuuuuut!”, said I
“I didn’t hear so, I wouldn’t know’, said she.

‘Ssttt~ mmm yeah~… ahahahaha.. *snort*

……….. see? See?* eh silap “ShhsSSs!!! Rina Listen!”, I typed again
“Are you sure that wasn’t me? Saya tengah minum ni XD”
”Dia baaaaahhh!”

Paul~ What have you been watching that lets you moan pleasingly non-stop?


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