Crocodile Adventure Land

Yeah yeah yeah….

I know I promised…

& I know it is long overdue….

But it is better than nothing no?

So here are few photos of my ‘Crocodile Adventure Land’ trip at the Tuaran Crocodile Farm 2 weeks ago…

errr… wait.. was it 3 weeks ago? Or 4?..... 5?????


Anyhow... there... we visited...... the crocodiles... DUH~

Aside from seeing the obvious, we also visited the ostrich, the chicken, the deer, the donkey-look-a-like-horse (let's call it honkey), the birds, the fishes, the snakes, the mini crocs, the binturong (wow.... isn't this..... exciting?) and many more… and all of them are named Robbie by Cici.

Allen, Rum & Robin


Bujang Sukau

You want long one or short one?


Swirling~ Swirling~

Poor snake... Allen gripped it hard and dropped it after that!!

Paris & Crocky

Robin & Allen



The high & mighty ostrich... Dino's 10,000 b.c fellow

Animal food

Rum feeding the ostrich

Pay RM1 to feed

Cici feeding the HONKEY

*krup *krup

Guess what this is?

Nahhh~ not eel... It's Ikan keli... yummmyy~ masak merah!

Mars & Robin

Ohh!! We also did the FASANA Kiwi Fakka signature pose. See! See! My mom is super cool!

Kiwi Fakka!!!

At about 10.30am, we watched the crocodile feeding action.
Very easy!

First, get chicken.
Second, throw chicken.
Third, throw some more chicken.

When crocs happy, keeper happy.

So... close the door.

Easy right? Even pinky can do it.

Crocodile feeding time

The Crocodile show started at about 11am. The show basically demonstrate how brave the crocodile keeper are in dealing and playing around with the crocodiles. I learned that you can also wash your pet crocodile (if you have one) just like how you basuh baju.

"Push them to the front... and pull them to the back... "

*repeat action 15 times or more till they get dizzy... buahahahahaha!"

This action will leave their body clean & shiny too!

While the croc is still woozy, dance around with them!

Weeeee~~~ ^^

Cleaning the crocodile!


*Dance! *Dance!

Ceh! He only put his hand for 2 seconds!

Kiss for 1 second

*Wave *Wave

After the crocodile show, we went up to the atap house for the Cultural Dance Show.

Spot the NOT

Indeed you guys are... kan ma?

Cici, Nadia & Mama

Chilling on the floor

Group Photo!

Allen, Cici and I participated in the bamboo dance.
For a first timer, the basic steps were soooo easyyyy peasssyy~~~
*Perasaaaaaaaaaan~~~ Hahahahaha.

Bamboo dance.

Allen screwed up a liiiiiiittle bit and didn’t follow the dance flow.
You’re soooo out of tune man! Haha!

Group photooooos~

Again.. spot the NOT!

During the trip, Allen had been attacked by Cici & Rum.
He went home with injured crouch with holes in his upper body.
*perhatian! Kisah ini adalah tidak benar.

Rum attack!!!

Cici attackkkkkk!

More picsies from the trip! Enjoy!

Oh no! Brokeback!

Kiwi Fakka again!

Auditioning for Enchanted movie

Queen Cleopatra

So yeah... Robin loves Karabau~

Cici & Pinky

That's ok.. fake horse will do...

Thanks Rum for the photos!

Anyway, for those who have not been here, Crocodile Farm is considered the largest crocodile farm in Sabah. As the brochure stated, they accommodate more than 1,000 crocodiles! Sure or not???

The crocodile farm opens everyday to public, 8.30am to 5.30pm.

You can also catch the crocodile show on Monday to Saturday at 11am-3pm and Sunday & Public Holidays at 11am, 1pm and 3pm.

You can also dance like us at the Cultural Dance show from Monday to Saturday at 11.30am and 3.30pm, as well as Sunday & Public Holidays at 11.30am, 1.30pm and 3.30pm right after the crocodile show.

MY GOSSSHHH!!! It's almost 4am!!! Sleep! Sleep!

I swear I'm gonna fall sick soon


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