Today I have a new wroof! wroof!
Mars replaced Caleb coz he’s busy with something else.
Caleb sgt suka mungkir janji. *kof *kof

Mars & I continued promoting GoShop in Citymall
If you heard people say Citymall open at 10am, they lied.
While waiting, I decided to tapau chocolate banana smoothies
(Sodaaaapppp!!!! XD) at Fressh b4 accompanying Mars to lunch. Unlike me, Mars needed solid food.

As usual, deciding a place to eat is always a headache.

“Ok mars.. left hand is Oldtown W.Coffee, right hand is KFC”, said I
“Okokok….mmm.. aboden?” - Mars
“I’ll sing the ini mini maini moo song ok?”
“If it stops at the right hand we go to KFC. Left hand, Oldtown”
“Ok set”
“Ini mini maini mo.. piti piti paiti….”
STOOOPPPPP!!! Sing the pencinta wanita song, can?”
*minah ni demam kah apa?*
“Come on! Sing!”

"Aku memang pencinta wanita…"
*moving my body like a retarded santa clause machine*
“namun ku bukan buaya” *why am I doing this*
“bla..bla.. bla.. ok.. left hand… Old town it is”
“Set! Yey!”

Anyhow, there’s nothing more exciting than hanging out with ur gal-pal. We bitched. We gossiped. And we bitched and gossip again. Well I did that with mocha too. But he’s different. Coz he’s Julianne by nite.

Got thirsty, so we snacked at Green Passion.
I had warm water while mars had wheat grass err… greenish tea
Ms Adeline, the owner, treated us in the end.
Cis.. nyesal aku tak order lasagna kah.. spaghetti kah…

We basically covered all the exterior outlets. Yey!
Oh-Oh! There was one shop kuli which got me really pissed.
Dah lah hodoh! Mata terbeliak. Dumbo and only knows how to eat kuaci like tikus tak cukup makan.

I’ve said it! Uuu~ Sangat best.
Bangang giler Okay???! Sabar jer la aku.
I seriously felt like slapping your face on the spot.
Bak kata Foxy, “aku tampar kang, biar kepala kau pusing ke belakang”.
Hahahahahha!!! I hope your bola mata terkeluar malam ni beeyotch!

Nadia’s SPM result will be out tomorrow.
I took leave to menyibuk at her school. Nyahahaha!

The pain from my last root treatment is seriously piercing!
Booohhuhuhuhu T-T
So dentist appointment tomorrow - 3.30pm.
Fee: unknown.
Why is there always stuff to pay everytime I got extra money!

Another day at Fressh Cafe... this is not recommended!

Mars and her kiwi facka finger



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