Hola Peeps! Today I…..


Let me see….

What actually happened today?


  • I forgot my handphone at home

*I am crazy without my handphone*
*blaming mocha for infecting his forgetfulness*

  • I have a heart to heart and *kof *kof discussion with my food raver friend (what a darling)
  • I peeped under the third cubicle in the ladies room coz it had been closed for few hours after my second visit with mars. Apparently no one was in there!

*u must think I’m some kind of a ham sup maniac now huh*
Ku tak bersalahhhhh~~~~ Mars yg suruh.
*I’m gonna be strangled after this for sure*

  • Oh! I also called up my DJ boss for permission to be excused for Sunday work because I have Louis Pang photography workshop, only to receive ‘Hrrm… I can’t say YES now.. but I’ll let you know’.

“wtf??? ‘I can’t say YES now???’ What was he thinking?? Your permanent job assignment is way more important than HIS PART-TIME work tau???? Si botak tu! I don’t like the way he talk to you! F!”

Wow… marah mocha. Lek sayang. He said cannot pun I’ll still go. Buahahahha.

What else…

Hah! I got a karma…
or is it ketulahan….
(some kind of mm... berdosa/sinful in a sense)

Remember in my last entry that I made a deal with the security guard?

Actually the deal was… he help me play the songs for awhile whilst I go to my dance class.

As I about to leave,……


The WHOLE City Mall was in pitch black!!!

*Haiya! Black out lah… what else do you think I’m talking about*

So dance class was canceled


Plus, it was scary man. Everybody was like closing their stores and I was left there alone in the dark with aunty cleaner. The whole scene was just like a thriller movie where all ppl stuck in a shopping mall, a bit of cloverfield scene and resident evil. Yai~ ><"

"Auntyyyyy... jangan lari tau... Nanti saya satu orang T-T"
*grabbing aunty cleaner's arm*
"Jangan takut bah sayang... saya tidak pergi mana-mana"
*yey, sayang aunty*

But alas, I packed my stuff, ran to the gym to find mocha

We strolled around for few minutes, met up with massy and her friends at Hana Restaurant *hey massy, happy seeing my new hairstyle dy?* and guess who else I met at Hana? I..... met....


I ran up to him, cupped his face without even care who was his company during that time.

Woops~ Guilty!

I introduced myself to his mom *thanks a lot stupid fox* and to his 2 blurred cousins.


Semua takut tengok my reaction earlier. Even Foxy was blur.

Not working for months has turn foxy into a blur human being.

Tsk! I hate you foxy.

Just because you don't work with us anymore, it doesn't mean you have to treat me and the rest of ur ex-colleague like strangers! Baka Kitsune! After what we have been through~ Don't you dare calling me Lou po anymore bakaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Anyhow, when I was about to leave Citymall with mocha, then suddenly ada electricity pulak! Bangang nyer City Mall.

Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

You think it’ll stop my evil plan? Huhhh??? Do youuuuu???

Oh nononono~

I still went to the gym. Buahahahahha!

As I about to get on the cardio machine, Cherry suddenly dragged me to the third floor to play around with the free weight machine.

Aww man~

In the end, no sweat.. no nothing. Even the Sauna and Steam Room rosak. BODOOOOOHH!!!!

*tu la… plan nak buat jahat lagi*

Oh Shut-up!

Tomorrow I’m going to bring my goonies to crocodile farm and head off to dance class at 2pm.



As I got home, I received so many missed calls from I dunno who and few smses from friends.

But one that captured my attention was:

“She will open this sms and realize that despite she lupa bawa hp, someone would still drop her an sms to tell her that: I MISS YOU. Isn’t she lucky? ^^ ”



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