Happy Birthday BB!!!


Today is Sotong / Uncle Gold Fish / Rempit man / Mocha a.k.a Julian a.k.a My sayang’s (… dan yang sewaktu dengannya) Birthdaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy

Happy 72 … woopss!! Happy 27th Birthday dear!!!!

I am extremely happy today... Julie and I had a really2 good laugh from morning until midnite. It has been quiet awhile since I laugh-laugh-laugh so hard till my tummy hurts.

So I'm not gonna say much... let's just leave the photos to do all the story telling yeah? (Sebenarnya saya malas…)

Whatever it is… thank you ALL for sparing your 3 hours for Julian's birthday… and most importantly… thank you personally to:

Cubex: For gathering the CSP member
Jason: For keeping the sotong in MindSlaver freezer
Mars: For helping keeping me sane and picking up the cake
Rum: For the drinks
Robin: For gathering the BBQ gang
Rina-Cat: For spending time to draw the special CSP poster

Happy Birthday Sayang!

The theme of the year

Robin & Julian

Sotong-chan peace~~~

Rina-Cat & Julian

Sotong & Dinosaur

From left: Rum, Robin, Julie & Mars

Hungry Dinosaur... Reow~

The CSPians :)

Meet the smallest lady in the group - Hannah!

Hannah: What is that?
Me: This? This is... errmm... A RING >:D
Hannah: No it's notttt... It's a necklace!!!
Me: Then why do you ask~
Hannah: ><"

Amie & ME!

Yazrin signing Birthday Poster

Yam Seng~~~

From left: Namore, Jack2, Razi, Amie and Dinosaur

Julie & fello CSPian


Dori2 Edgar & Cutie Rob JR

Julie & The Organisers

CSP Group Photo

So what did the Sotong get this year??

CSP Poster from the CSPian... Drawn by RIna-Cat

A brand new camera filter from Rummy - Mummy and Gang

A Male Hamsap Scully Keychain from Nadia

A Pierre Cardin Silver Watch from ME! XD

Julie & Me

To my dearest sayang, I hope you had an enjoyable surprise countdown birthday party. More celebration to come as the sun arise~ Muahhhhsss!!!



More photos will be updated soon.

“Photoooosss~~~ Photoosssss~~~”

*Chasing Dinosaur and Massy with Knife*

Attached are some bday clips from Julie's bday. Enjoy!

For more video, click the link below:

---> Bday Videos from Dino Dinosaur! Thank You Dinosaur!!! ^^


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