Polling @ Putatan

Can Online!!! Can Online!!!


So here I am, DJing while surfing with my baby Ferrari. Ohoohoho… life is sweet no? Thanks Yogur Berry for not putting any online password. Jasamu tetap ku kenang.

Anyway, election is over, and yeaps I did went to vote.

"P. 2492!!!! Nombor I/C 831226125066! Pengundi bernama NORFAR AINI ZAKI!!!", shouted the lady incharge
"err... it's Norfaranina actually", I corrected her
she shouted again
"nina!" *grrrrrr*
"Oh.. Nina...Ok... boleh mengundi sudah"
*roll eyes*

For a first timer, I must say that everything went VERY smoothly. There were 5 polling rooms, and as I’ve mentioned before, I am located in the 5th room. Imagine… a room filled with… NO ONE! No qeueing up either! Just went straight into the room. Hohohohoo. Lucky!

But hrrrmmm... odd. Why are the other rooms packed with voters lining up outside? Did they arranged us by age? Coz if it's true, then the older u get, the longer the queue will be. Sedeyyy~

There will always be a stupid human being who likes to block the road

Fullaaa! Pakcik! Bersemangat!


Weeee~~~ XD no need to queue up!

It has been a while since Cici & I gossip. So while we were having our breakfast at Seri Keningau, we bitched about the ugly attitude people we have encountered during school days and how ugly they still are. Dududududu.

Cici & Teh Tarik

Stripes is sexy

Cici & Our Murtabak!


Kitty Cat~ Kitty Cat~

OH!!! My Rainforest World Music Festival tickets has arrivedddd!!!! Yattttaaa! See! See!

Tadaaa!! Yatttaaa!

I also did an intensive yet fun workout today. 1 hour of boring and sleepy bellydance class (Rania Bellydancing CD is waaaaaay better), 40 mins of floating bicycle thingy machine, 20 mins of normal bicycle machine (hey, I dunno what it's called okay~) and another hour of super-duper-trooper fun class with Danny. What made it more exciting is that mocha was there for the workout as well. ^^ He even joined the dance class too. Uiseh~ Gagagagagaga!

Rania Bellydance CD set. The best! BUY! You WONT regret!

Anyhow, I’ll be covering the ‘So u think u can dance’ audition tomorrow people! *thanks a bunch dino for helping out*.

I called up Eileen from 8tv, an ex colleague of mine whom I can’t recall how she looks like (bad fara bad!). She told me to meet up tomorrow and will show me around. Yey!

Sigh~~~ So yeah… today is definitely a happy Saturday. A quality time with sis. And extra fun workout. A fun chat with mocha after gym. Posted RWMF tickets. And surfing while Djing

Did I say life is sweet?


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