I should and would start my entry for today about my super happy trip to the crocodile farm, but I just seriously need to bitch about my DJ boss. Fuuuuccckkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He rang me up in the middle of my trip asking tons of shitty questions about my job as a DJ in ctmall. With all the noises around me, this botak guy seriously cant pick a better time to talk.

“Hey Fara. Can you tell me the time you report to work from Thursday to Sunday?”

*as I said, it was noisy so I can’t hear him correctly and assume that he was asking “what time do you have to report to work on Sunday?” Remember in my last entry that I have to attend the Louis Pang workshop and still waiting for his call to get permission????? Ah crap. Just click here if you’re memory sucks!

Erghh! Sorry. I'm trully very sorry. I’m just pissed.

Anyway, I told him,

“This Sunday the workshop will be at 1.30-6pm”
“NO! You listen carefully.. What *repeating questions*
“Huh? I said…*trying to explain*
“NO! You listen to me! *repeating questions and raising tone*, cutting my sentence
“Report to work? 6pm or earlier. Why?”
“At 6? Is it true?”
“Of course. What’s up?”
“You sure you report on time?”
“Yes I’m sure. Even if I am late, as far as I’m concern, it was only twice and it’s just 10 minutes late”
*as if the people there gonna die with me being late for freaking 10 minutes*
“Okay… I’ve been receiving complains that you always leave the DJ box unattended Is it true?”
*what the fuck is with these questions??? I felt like I was in a police station or judging court or something*
“Where do you hear that from?”
“Some peope complain to me that *repeat*”,
“Andrew, If I were to leave the DJ box is only when I wanted to go to the washroom or out for dinner”
“Dinner? Why don’t you have dinner before that”
“My work finished at 5.30pm and I went straight to DJing after that. So I don’t have time to eat before DJing”
“For how long?”
“20-30 mins? And If I went off, I WILL ALWAYS MAKE SURE that the security guard look after it for awhile. Plus I always covered the players and mixer with the red clothe. Unless I went to the washroom for few minutes”
“Do you eat at the DJ counter”
“I did on my first 2 days. But after that, I just eat at the café or wherever I had my dinner"
“Please don’t eat at the DJ counter”

Fuck and what the hell?????????? You don’t want me to leave the DJ box and yet you don’t want me to eat at the DJ counter. What the fuck man! You want me to pee at the DJ counter?Plus, even if I do eat at the counter, It's just a freaking KFC pop corn chicken / waffles. Not nasi campur! That is like buat macam rumah sendiri! Do you think I have a pintu doraemon to go wherever I want in a split second???? Fuckk Shit!!!

“See Fara I am not there. I can’t blame you coz u know la.. people sometimes say things and just complain what they want”

*WHAT??? After you accuse me in your sarcastic way, you want to cakap elok2 and buat baik after that? Hellooooo... I admit that I always fantasize leaving the DJ box and pact with the security guard to just guard the box while me lepaking somewhere but that doesn’t mean I have the gut to really do it and makan gaji buta!!!!*

“Ok Fara. Thanks. I’ll see you…”
*I cut in*
“Anyway, how about tomorrow. Can I get a day off?”
“I’m not sure.. I can’t find a replacement yet”
“The thing is, this is considered an assignment from my company which I MUST attend”
“I don’t know, you have to talk to Alan and try work things out with him”
*Fuck! Why didn’t you say this earlier and I would have called Alan since yesterday*
“Coz it’s hard you know… *blabbering I can’t hear a single word he said*… and susah bayar”

Oh my god! This is too far. Is this about money? Do you think your RM400 a month is BIG? You think I lapar sangat for that freaking RM400? I can get RM500 a day just for voice over!!! I can get RM1000 just for design! And you think I care about that freaking tiny RM400????

That's it.

“Hey boss. I’ve been wanting to tell you this. Only that there’s no appropriate time to really talk to you”

Long story short, I told him that I’ll be busy starting April, and it wont be fair for him to try and find replacement if I got last minute assignment or that I have to overtime, asked him to find a new person, coz I’m quitting and will only help him DJ till end of March.

I had enough.

Receiving words of advice is one thing, and getting accuse for something that is SO NOT TRUE is another thing, and got blamed but pretend to be nice but still have sarcasm slit in between is ANOTHER OTHER THINGS!

For that small simple matter you want to call me on my lovely Saturday, spoiling my day macam tiada hari lain you can talk to me and start berkira even though I have helped you doing other works similar to your personal assistant that is NOT related to DJ? Well then Fuck you!

Even after all the things I have heard about you, I still keep my ears close coz I know you might not be as what other people have said. But yes, silly me, boo-hoo, I was wrong. Duh!

And for those who complain about me is seriously a fucking shitty asshole. Just because you caught me when I’m somewhere trying to feed myself to stay alive in that small freaking jail look-a-like box, it doesn’t give you the right to simply say things! Fuck! What do you want me to do??? Sitting for 3 freaking hours staring at the ceiling? I feel stupid If I don’t do anything. Thank god I have books to read!

Can’t you freaking see that I am DYING in that box, sitting there, staring at the ceiling doing nothing except playing songs and saying the same things over and over again? Announcing promos, asking people to enjoy their shopping at the freaking deserted shopping mall, to beware of pick pockets, to park their car at the designated area and to be careful and always watch their kids???? So screw you!!!! The hell I care if your car got chained, or you been robbed or your kids been kidnap! Fuck!

He seriously spoil my cardio workout mood after the dance class just now. Even the guard said I don't look cheerful as always today. They were like:
"Faaaaaaaaaaaraaaaaaa~~~~ ^^"
*me giving them shitty look*

They were so nice as usual to chit chat, but I ended up not talking at all aside from bitching about what happened.

Anyhow, back to the story... few minutes after the botak called me at the crocodile farm, DJ Alan, my DJ colleague smsed me, asking my help to turn on the player if I’m nearby Citymall. That means, he’s gonna be late.

Seeeeeee??? Dia lambat takda pula orang nak complain! This is freaking unfair man!

I replied that I wasn’t around town and told him about the whole thing. He asked me to take it easy and that the stupid botak man is always like that and that life is too short to be too serious.

Yeah. Thanks.

Fyi, THIS IS NOT ABOUT NOT ENJOYING LIFE or TAKING LIFE TOO SERIOUSLY. It is THIS freaking botak boss who made my life miserable!

Poor Alan. He is the only guy who can tahan that Botak. According to the security guard, even when Alan went into the toilet for 5 minutes, the time when that botak decided to show up for a spot check, he cuci Alan’s telinga kao2 saying that the DJ box was left unattended for 30 minutes. Super exaggerating man.

The thing about Alan is, if he kena cuci telinga, he’ll just say “you want me to continue working here, let me do it my way”.

*Fyi, botak is desperate to find ppl to work as a DJ at this freaking mall*

Super cool man. But sorry Alan. That botak is not desperate to keep me, so it is not my place to say that.

My life is soooo freaking happy UNTIL I started working there! and... wait...

Shhshhhh….!!! Wait… botak call…


I must update this one first:

“Hey Datin Faraaaa. Can you hear me?”, that bloody botak said cheerfully
“You don’t have to call me that. What’s up?”
“Is everything ok with the Djing?”
“Yeah. Everything fine”
“Everything ok yeah?”
“Yes.. everything is fine. No problem”
“Oh okokok… *giggle* you’re a big girl huh?”
*Yeah.. I’m a big girl and you’re a bloody busy body old-bag*

“Ok la. I’m just calling to check up on you.. just let me know lah if there’s people kacau you” i.e. the security guard

*Duh! It is YOU who ALWAYS KACAU ME! Fyi, the aunty cleaner, the abang-abang security guard and the maintenance guy are all MY FRIEND and super cool citymall GANG you know??!!!!!*


I told abang Azmi, one of the security guard about the phone conversation and he said:

“Hahhh??? KITA??? *gesturing to another guard* ‘KITA’ kacau???”
“Huh~ Tell me about it”
*bodoh kan?*

Fuh… anyway.. as I was saying….

I’ve always look forward to a lovely weekend. But ever since I work there, weekend is the day that I most afraid of.

Now I don’t have to worry for not being home early. I don’t have to worry about not spending time with my family especially my mom n goonies; for not being able to pak toh longer; for not being able to lepak with my friends any time I want; for not being able to have a me time and workout and dance at the gym.

My goodness. This is such a freaking long entry. Thanks for reading.
I sayang u!

Now say it with me now:

“Screw you botak!!!”

I promise I will update my trip to the Crocodile Farm with lots and lots of pictures ok.

Tarik nafas. Hembus nafas. Tarik Nafas. Hembus Nafas.

I am so relieved after bitching this matter to the abang-abang guard just now.

*continue DJing*

*Yes, I brought my lappie Ferrari again*

1/2 an hour more and I’m going to YY café to meet up with the BBQ gang later.

Tata~~~~ ^^

PS: Thanks Alan for covering me up tomorrow. Muahs!


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