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It is a movie week for me this week… a last minute notice for Horton Hears a Who! which happened 2 hours ago (yes, I just got back from watching it.. *yey*) and also Spiderwick tomorrow night.

Everybody was recommending Spiderwick whom at first had doubts that it’ll just be another film with big gimmicks & cool effects. But they're wrong aren’t they? With all the great reviews, I’m pretty sure that tomorrow’s movie outing with the other 16 people (which inclusive of my mama & goonies, CSP members and some of my close friends) will be a wonderful one.

Rummy-Mummy asked me to keep an eye on the character Hogsqueal in Spiderwick coz he relates that character to me. Bongok! Aku tendang kau Rum! You think I don’t know how buruk the character is???? I am soooo much cuter thank you very much! *matrix dodge a flying mineral water* Hey~ bila lagi nak angkat bakul sendiri kan? Kasihanilah diriku ini… character hodoh-hodoh yg slalu kena bagi.

I found out that the person who voiced this particular character (Seth Rogen) also voiced out the character Morton, a small err… mouse (?) in Horton’s movie. Talk about coincidence huh?

Anyhow, I’m not going to spoil Horton’s movie to those who haven’t watched it. All you need to know is that the animation was superb, and the storyline… Hrmm~~~~ I’m gonna give it a 3/5 coz well..... I did enjoyed the rhyming script and bizarre creatures in there... but it was a biiiiiiiiit too draggy at the beginning. I also must point out that Jim Carrey, who voiced over the main character, Horton (obviously) was trying a little bit too hard to be funny. But yeah, the script was humorous at some points.

It is a children movie and it was created by Dr. Seuss who wrote classic children book like Cat in the Hat & The Gringe. So just go and watch it for the sake of watching it. I know, one of my blogger friends, Nancy, had watched it twice, and she is still all happy and giddy seeing Horton in action. Except for the weird yellow ketot character who knows how to say “Haaaaaaaaaa~~” with a weird contented face and out of placed teeth, with an imaginary clover world of ponnies who eats rainbow and poops butterfly. *weird alien*

Whatever it is, my personal preference would be Jojo! “YooooooO!!!!”~ Ngihihihihi. He is the mayor's son, the smallest ‘Who’ in Whoville (you’ll find out about this later) and has this dark & mysterious but innocent character at the same time, which I feel like adopting him. Buahahahaha! He was voiced over by Jessey McCartney, who also voiced Theodore in Alvin & The Chipmunks, which I’m very-very sure you already know.

Hrmm….. Reooow~ I’m beginning to find this McCartney boy sexier everyday… I mean.. *kof *kof.. the voice of course. He also voiced the ‘Roxas’ character, Sora’s half, who is much-much-much-much-much cooler in the Kingdom Hearts 2 game of PS2. Oh~ The daaaaaaarkkk~~~ mysterious character with hood~~~ KYAAAAAAA~~~~~!!! XD I want to play the game!!!!

*Dear mocha… I canceled out my dream castle for my birthday…
Instead.. I want a PS3… amin~*

Ok.. back to Horton.
Horton said, “A person is a person, no matter how small they are”
That I have to agree no matter what.
And a new word for stupid is "Boob" ... let's change it to Boobs. Buahahahaha!
Ok! Tidur!! Oyasumi!

Edit: Dino the Dinosaur said, Good night Boobidom.
*placing dynamite at Imperial Hotel*
Tududududu.. sleeps happily.


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