Woke up at 6 with 4 hours of sleep…

I is soooooo sleepy…

What more when you go to a function where all the formalities
and protocols are very particular…

“Tuan yang terutama…. Yang di-Pertua… Yang Amat berbahagia….
Yang Amat Berhormat… Yang berhortmat…. Yang…..”


Why does it always take forever for a simple introduction?
Even I caught the Chief Minister sleeping. Hohohohoho.

We arrived at about 8.15am and the function only started at 9.30-ish; right after all the contingents including the VIPs & VVIPs arrived at Dewan Sa'adah Wisma Muis from the Merdeka field, walking in groups (Yes, WALK) for the
Maulidur Rasul parade.

For my non-muslim friends, the procession is actually a sunnah practice (simply put, sunnah is... if you do it.. you get reward (pahala) and if you don't.. that's ok) for the muslim during Maulidur Rasul ("Prophet Muhammad’s birthday") where muslims will walk around town according to the designated routes.

The procession is accompanied by a "kompang" group to add music to the religious songs sung. Some placards and banners are also carried during the walk, and during the parade, the usual praises or what we usually called "selawat" to the Prophet Mohammad SAW is continuously uttered by all. This is also a way of enhancing their love for Prophet Muhammad SAW.

So the function that I attended just now was not only to give awards to the best placards and contingents but also to give awards to the chosen male and female candidate to become the tokoh Maulidur Rasul of the year.


my Mama received this year’s Tokoh Maulidur Rasul title. *Yey*
Congrats Mama! Muaks! Muaks! Muaks!

Mama - Tokoh Maulidur Rasul

Papa & Mama

"I got it from my mama"

Nadia & I

Mama interviewed by reporters

Papa - the supportive hubby

Dang! Susah tidur with him watching

Do you know that Nadia & Sponge Bob are related?

Papa treated us to Dynasty Restaurant in Promenade Hotel
a Dim Sum lunch.

Steamed prawn Dim Sum… yummmyyyyyy~~~~

I was so hungry that I didn't take any pictures when the food
was still hot and steamy. Soweeee.... Dududududu~

But Cici & I took these tho:

*Posing mode*


* XD XD XD *


Believe it!

Tonight is our kenduri kesyukuran.

Gonna start preparing stuffs at about 4pm-ish.

Now I is gonna crawl like a snake and nap…


*Haru merajuk*


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