My Baby AJ

Last night was the second time i dreamt of a little boy who i can call him as my own. The first dream i had b4 was when he was a toddler, and it ended with me saying. " his name is A*** J**** ".

The dream kept me smile for weeks.

But this time, it was a bit meshed up.

In the dream...

I learned that:

Mel (my bestfriend) was pregnant 3 months and still all energetic to keep her figure. She was also afraid of the traditional way of giving birth and that she preferred cesarean method, but still wished to feel a bit pain. =_=" "Aperkah?"

I also learned that Elle, ex-marketing lady of Atlantis Bistro Restaurant became extra pretty than she already is, rushing to go somewhere and that her baby bump on her tummy is getting bigger. She is happy that's for sure.

And then, I learned that:

  • Someone held my baby and said, "Congratulations. Here's your baby boy", and handed over my little AJ to me
  • My baby resembled a bit like Casel, one of my baby cousins.
  • He was born the same date/month as my birthday and that we celebrated it with each other.
  • I didn't remember any complications giving birth to him.
  • He was cute, funny, obedient and a very smart kid. He was even potty trained and didn't even wet his pampers!

What I don't like is that I learned that his father was very negligent (his face was blur'ish' and the whole story was just confusing) and that the kid only grow up being close to me,
I had to do everything on my own, and that I was taken for granted, had to sacrifice and tolerate more than I should... la-di-da..*ranting *ranting *ranting...

What else did I dream of....


  • I learned Dino and mocha were still great friends like how they are today.
  • I learned mocha was still very much in love with me only that he frowned more whenever sensei is around coz sensei adore kids.
  • I learned sensei was still an ass-hole (well maybe he's not 100% ass hole... just a confused soul)

*weird *weird *weird

Dream definitely reflects what your heart wished for (and also a channel where you can see the things that you fear of);

Hrmm... Can't I just be like Angelina Jolie?

***No man, No Drama ****

KYAA!! XD I'm late!


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