Umai Japanese Restaurant / BBQ

Mama treated us to Umai..


This is my 4th visit for this week only.


I ate the usual… Dragon Maki, Ebi-ten maki… and all other maki-maki till my mouth cant stop memaki…

But what really left me on sugar-high was this:

The green tea ice cream…. Oh…. My…. God!!!!! IT’S TO DIE FORRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! UMAIIIIIIII~~~~~~~~~ XD XD

Only for Rm6, you will get 1 big satisfying scoop of green tea ice cream - even topped with the red bean! Brrrrrrr~~~ Ratatouille moment here guys… the combination of taste was just A.W.E.S.O.M.E! A must try!!!!

High~~~ High~~~ High~~~

Oh.. this is what mama ate... but I can't remember what it's called...

The taste... ermmm... well.. just like how normal mixed furai taste like.


Here are some of last night’s kenduri moment:

Nadia and Suki

The chitty-chatty ladies

The chitty-chatty gossipy man

Uncle Mat, Aunty Ros and Hajar

My beautiful grand-mama and neighbour

Oh!... meet my... extended cousin.... (I guess). We call her 'Pearl'. She can't pronounce the letter 'd' properly. Instead, she change the pronounciation which sounded like the letter 't'.


Cici & Pearl

Look at the 'kacau'ed food

Ngeeeeee XD

High~ High~ Sugar High~
Going to the gym now.


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