Flying to Kuching y'all~

Plane tix… checked!
Entry tix.. checked!
Accommodation…. checked!


After 2 years of ‘I wanna go – I wanna go – I wanna go’ whining, I’ll
finally be going to the Rainforest World Music Festival
in July!


All paid - CASH!

……………. =____=

and I’m officially broke.

New menu: warm water & cracker with tuna

What? I’m not gonna eat maggie like you guys, silly!

*SMS beeping in*

Andrew: Hey Dud. How are you? Getting along fine dj'ing? Wednesday is pay day. Have a nice day and god bless you.

Oh~~ the light is shining upon me~ God bless you too boss~~~

Kyak! Kyak! Kyak!

It's shopping time

*dodge flying bottle*

"You've got stuff to pay idiot!"


PS: Guys, better get all 3 vital P.E.A a.s.a.p (plane, entry, accomodation tix laa~)


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