Oh…. My gosh….
My baby cousin Hareez just got into a terrible accident
He got a severe cut on his right neck
His main vain almost fracture
The doctor said he couldn’t stitch it back
If that vain putus… my goodness..
I just can't imagine what would have happened.
Nononono! It was not a car accident.
He was playing bicycle racing with his bigger siblings Hazeem and Hana
Hazeem used the contractor metal measuring tape
to mark as a finishing line.
Hareez didn’t dodged, instead, ran into it…
Which unfortunately got a direct hit onto his neck. Bullseye!
Blood splattering out.
My gosh!!! I’m imagining it like the Sweeney Todd scene!!!!
Why the heck did they even use a metal measuring tape!
Now I am very angry with Hazeem.
Please pray for Hareez.


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