Vote for ME!!!!

Djing in Citymall is better than the usual coz for this week, Citymall is having the Interior Design Exhibition 2008 (ID-X 2008) starting from last Thurday, 20th March till this Sunday, 23rd March.

I can talk throughout the 3 hours shift without feeling bored, get to announce the lucky draw winners to the shoppers (unlike usual, this time, everybody gather around and really listen to what I say. Sedey~~~) and most importantly, free gifts from the participating booths who came personally to my little home inside the DJ jail box. Sweet~

Jason of MindSlaver (the coolest shop in Kompleks Asia City - 3rd Floor) was the Guest DJ for RTM last night.

As usual, Julian and I were there to support him.

DJ SleepyWolf

Jason was great. His DJing was wonderful, the pun was well put and you, if you didn’t listen to him… you’re ‘hopeless?’.
Buahahahaha. Jk.. Jk..

While waiting, Julian and I were dancing outside to distract him… but apparently tak kena layan…

So we got bored.

What to do?

We cosplayed ourselves to become ninjas. Hohohohoho.

First Contestant:
Black Ninja - Lee Hng

Second Contestant:

White Ninja - Bobidom


One…. Two… Fighto!!!

Pakk!! Pakk!! Dumm! Doooom!! Dussshh!! Dakkk!! Pak!! Pakk!!!


So who won?

SMS Vote_Ninja now to 1800-vote-for-bobidom-only. Hohohohohoho!

"Vote for ME! Vote for ME!"


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