Modesto in KK?

Am I hearing right? Or is it just a rumour?

Is Modesto's really going to be opened in Kota Kinabalu?

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Kyaaaaaa XD XD XD

For those who doesn't know what
Modesto's is... (Aduh.... sedey.....) Well.. it's a very famous hang out place in KL / Sri Hartamas. It's more or less like our Upperstar Restaurant here but waaaaaayyyy better.

It is a Bar, Pasta and Pizza place (more to italian cuisine) where you can party all night long, with great food. The kind of satisfaction that you will get in Chilli's and TGI Friday as well...

As how the poster stated, it is also a celebrity hang out place.

Well I'm not sure about the celebrities in KK though but I'm sure everybody will go there as much as the celebrities do. Why don't we just wait and see no?

KK is turning wooowwweee Junior Juice! Yey!!!


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