Abs on Malaysia Dreamgirl

Bored.... sleepy... bored...

When everybody else is busy for the Malaysian election, getting headaches (or not) on who to vote and tra la la, I am busy watching the Malaysian Dreamgirl and getting all giddy up to vote for my friend, Abs.

Malaysian Dreamgirls

Fyi, Abs won the Malaysian Project Runway along side with her Fashion Designer last year and now she’s in the top 12 of the Malaysian Dreamgirl Contestants.

Malaysian Dreamgirl is the first reality ONLINE model search in Malaysia Reality TV and Abs has moved into the Dreamgirl 'vogue-da-vast' house!! (woops* this episode is not shown yet.. but stay tuned!) - images: courtesy of Abs


During Audition

Newspaper clip

For those who read KennySia’s blog, you would have known about this show and yes, he is one of the judges who represent the average joe's point of view.

As funny as he can be in his blog, to some… well hrmm~ let’s just say you will notice his horniness when seeing pretty girls and lol, he can be a bit mean when giving comments to the girls tho, for example:

“U know what... You can just go out and don’t come in anymore / your dressing is wrong and the skirt looks like u took it from the garbage / did you wash your face before u come here.. It’s very oily”


“wow! Interesting outfit..”, Kenny said
“thanks.. ^^”, the girl replied
“no... It’s not a compliment... Your outfit looks very strange u know..
ur jacket looks like a table clothe from a mamak stall...

“but it’s creative..”
“u think it’s creative? I don’t see it’s creative … I think it’s ugly”

Sedeeey~~~ Kesian minah tu

kenny~ kenny~ LOL! I can foresee that he and Elaine gonna argue more and more in the future. Lim Jimmy, the other pro judge on the other hand is very nice and reasonable. The kind that u can expect from a nice gay. Well at least for now I guess. Heck, let’s just see how it goes when they air the next episode on the 8th (Saturday) okay.

What??? 8th again? Thank goodness this is a click per view and I can watch it anytime.

I’m also looking forward for the very talented Louis Pang photography workshop next Sunday (16th March) organised by Epson Malaysia. Some photography enthusiasts that I know will definitely going to attend it. No doubt. The whole MMD department will go too! (except Mars who will be in Sandakan hunting mammoth, vogok and ostrich ganas in the jungle with Uncle Tan after inspired by the 10,000 b.c. movie. Mars, don't forget to bring back my spear tooth pet tiger).

Louis and his lovely wife

Well, for others who are interested, it’s not too late yet guys. You can call or email Dickson Lee at 0196471473 or email him at Dickson.lee@etm.epson.com.my. For more information, you can go to our very own photography forum at BorneoShutter (click! I say click it!) or view GoLife's interview with Louis Pang here! (click this too! click! click! click)

Oh! Silly me~ Did I forget to say that it’s a
FREE admission (that should get your balls working aint it?)

Anyway, the 8TV ‘So you think you can dance' crew are here in KK for its audition. So if YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, then why not go and try your luck on Saturday, the 8th of March (8th again????) at Imperial Hotel in Warisan Square.

So make sure you d
ress to impress and stand out from the rest…show them what you’ve got and make Sabah proud, people! Yeah~


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