Nadia: Mengunyah ikan bilis… mmm sedap…
Me: Chom Chom Chom..
Me: Mengunyah ayam… mmm… sedap…
Om… om… om…. So aya join kami tengok ‘Duyung’ malam ni?
Me: Chom Chom Chom… sorry dear… aya kerja.. tak sempat
Om.. om.. om.. aya memang

I got my DJ pay cheque today *yey*

*looking at my cheque*

“Dear this is half month pay coz you started in mid-month.
You’ll get full pay at the end of this month”, said my boss
*smile fara…smile!*
“Okay! ^^, I responded.

sigh. nvm. that should cover up the Rainforest Festival tix.

“Nah… chocolate moist cake for you”
“Wow, (apa kena boss aku ni) thanks!”


*Ring~ Ring*

“Fara, Aunt Maria here. I need you to do DJing for bla-bla-bla-bla”
*smiles widen*
“YEY~ okay~~~!”

Ngihihihihihi~~~~~ Life is sweet!
*went skipping in my imaginary garden*

Anyway, Citymall is definitely infested by poser kids. This time, I caught the superheros.

Everybody is so giddy up to vote. Especially the first timer

Sigh~ Fine~ I'll be a 'rakyat berhemah' and go to vote.

So I checked the SPR online. It stated my first polling location for the election day is at SMK Putatan.


Just next to my house.

Hrmmm... Poling stream: No. 5.

What the heck is this


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