*The Look...

Was at Popular with BB to find some mag.
Found those that I wanted except my first list.

“Excuse me, is CLEO mag in store?”

The cashier girl was quiet blur, so she called up the I-think-he’s-a-gay boy to help.

With a very soft tone he asked,

“Yes~~ how can I help you?”
“Yeah… I’m looking for CLEO mag”
“CLEO…? *looking at Julian timidly*”
“err.. yeah… CLEO”
“oh… Ermmm… *stealing looks at Julian* CLEO will only be
*stealing looks at Julian AGAIN* here in 2 weeks time” bashfully smiling afterwards

Bzzzt!!! Bzzzzt!!!

Gay-Flirt alert.

“Omgosh!”, I said

“Oh my gawd!”, Julian replied

“He gave you *the look!!!”

“He gave me* the look!!!”



Let me catch my breath for a while...

1...... 2...... 3.....


Damn funny I tell you

Oh babe… I think you’re too beautiful coz you’re developing a man bosom
from your gym sessions… HAhahHAhHAHAhahaHAhAHAHh

*imagining brokeback mountain*

Reeeooowwww~~ *muge-muge* (squeeze-squeeze)


*thanks Nadia for the drawings. Muahsss!!!*


Go piss in the toilet dork! Whattttt???!!!
*Aren’t you suppose to be blogging today?
Tsk! Can’t you see??? I’m busy!
*Busy doing what?
Hish!! Watching anime.
*That’s not what you call busy!
Eeeee….!!! Who cares! Don’t kacau! Will blog tomorrow.
*You sure?
Ya yaaa.. go away!
*You sure you sure?
Be quiet!
*You sure you sure you sure??????
Will you shut up already???
*You sure you sure you sure you suuuuurrreeeeee??????
That’s it!


*flying cat*

@#(*&^@*!*fetch poor cat*(#&^)_!#^$*&@!#%

*flying dog*


Had enough???!!!

*Y….yes….. (don’t disturb aya or you’ll end up like me) …. hel…help me….



I was 10 minutes
late for my dance class.
The Y-fitness receptionist told me that starting next month
they’ll lock the door once the dance class started.

I know I’m always late for Monday class

The BodyJam started at 6.15pm for goodness sake.
How la am gonna fly there in 15 minutes from office with all the
traffic light stopping my rempitness along the way.
*come to work early, go off early*

I know it was a friendly reminder/announcement
But out of the blue, I felt eccentric all of a sudden and my
mood suddenly drops like a bomb.
So I went for bicycle instead.
.. and I sweat like woah~

Unlike PMS, Post-MS *if there is such a word* made me crave for food less.
So I went to Fressh with BB for a light dinner.
YoFruit = Papaya + Pamelo + Peach

Grabbed CLEO mag, October 2007 issue.
It was one of their best editions.
Haven’t bought any magazines lately.
Must remind self to buy

Was chatting with BB on how I made Hannah turned evil.
Below was a phone conversation between me & Hannah yesterday.

“Hello kakak Farah~”

“Hannnnnaaaaaaah…. Where are you?”
“I’m in the car going back with daddy”
“Uuuuhhhh…. That’s nice….”
“Uhh!! Uhh!! Hannah… you know what…. Last night kakak farah watched biiiiiig fireworks”
“Mhm! A biiiiiiig one. And you know what?
didn’t bring you to see the BIIIIIIGGGGG Fireworks........kan?”

“Tiada” (no he did not)
“Aww… I tell you what.. You look at daddy now… then you scream ‘daddy! Why didn’t you bring me to see firework!’ then you can hit daddy nicely”
*Hannah was laughing devilishly as if we’re planning a world domination*

Suddenly I heard:


*pak! pak! pak!*pak! pak!*pak!*pak! pak!*

All I heard was,
“Ouch!! Ouch!! Hannah! Why you hit daddy???? Ouch!”

.. and it ended with Hannah’s evil laughter echoing on the phone.

Gila ganas Hannah
Didn’t thought that she would actually do that.
*Tho I anticipated it... La-di-da~*

Dino Dinosaur gonna anti me for sure.
Forget anti-evil-che2-fara.
He’s gonna put Hannah few feet away from me as of yesterday.

My tummy hurt everytime I remember what happened.
He has tried to bribe Hannah and said
“Hannah… che2 Fara is evil.. do you know that?”

But he ended up being hit.
Good girl Hannah…

*give Hannah chocolate*

Kuuuuuuuuuuuuukukukukuku~~~~~~ *evil*

Team Devilicious

Boob Squeezer

I just got back from visiting tokwan.
Tokwan will be discharged soon. Yey!

All this while I thought hospital is a free place from hamsapness.
Oh no…. I was wrong.
Today I learned that there’s a boob squeezer here as well.
Forget about normal younger patient.
I’m talking about a freaking 80-90 year old man who would just grab your boobs the minute he sees one near him
Tak padan dengan terlantar di hospital bed!
Tsk Tsk Tsk.
I was told that he groped his personal nurse, the hospital nurses AND almost grope his own daughter and family!
Serious sangap orang tua ni.
He couldn’t talk. So....
But don’t tell me that this is his way of communicating!!!
No way I’m gonna go near his bed!

More photos from Freedom of Entry:

With the French Sailors

With TLDB (Tentera Di-Raja Laut Brunei)

With my fake but 'tagap' Sailor

In the Navy Ship - WASPADA

Captain Aya!

Freedom of Entry, 2nd half

I was a bit wavering whether or not I should go to
the 2nd half of Freedom of Entry event last night.
Damn tired

But in the end I did.
Half regretted of my decision tho

I love the fact that I went with my sis
...and I like the fact that I met new friends
Mainly reporters, photographers and sailorman.

Julian & Me.
Nope... he is not my BB altho their name are the same.
and nope... he's not a Sailorman either.
He is Mayor's official photographe XD

Oh!! Dino dinosaur, Amie, Jacq and WC were there too!
Happy XD
But I hate the singers & the fireworks.
Who the heck picked the singers anyway.
Even the fireworks so kesian one
Pendek pula tu....

Don't believe me????
Click here to watch the recorded version by Dino Dinosaur.
I'm glad that I stood right in front of the fireworks shooting area with my sis.
At least I felt 'less' annoyed of not watching it with BB.

Pictures from Amie's Blog:

He sang and sounded almost like Sudirman

Amie made the fireworks look less kesian... You rawk girl!

We headed off to SOHO for a drink right after.
Brought along Izan, my new sailorman friend from TLDB (Tentera Laut Di-Raja Brunei)
He owns a lexus.
I’m dogok… I know.
But I like

I promised myself to sort out my junk clothes in the closet.
But as I’m typing this, there are half more to go since 3 hours ago.
Nope… not because I own thousands of clothes ^^
I’m just too busy layaning my chat box.
… and blog of course. Hohoho.

Pics? What pics?
Tonight can?
BB is out in the Magic Warfield.

Freedom of Entry, 1/2 half

I’m totally fried in this weather.
I just got back from the first half of the Freedom of Entry ceremony.
Forget long legged sailormoon… I saw lots and lots of sailors there
Some of them are hunky hunk too.
I repeat… SOME.
Not all.

There were the French Navy, US, Brunei and of course, the Malaysian Navy.

Knowing that the VIPs are gonna be late as usual, BB, Cici and I went on to take pictures here and there.
From exhibition booths, to kids colouring contest and to fake & real sailor.
Semua ku belasah.

Sailor Izan & Me

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous? Pas mal?
We also took some photos with the French Navies.
Nah~~ not much of a savoir faire of the typical glamourous
Parisienne going on just now.
They basically look and sound….. err… French! XD
But very friendly though

Oh! Did I tell you that my sis involved as one of the ‘panji-panji’ (board) holder?
Such a cutie

Sis Sarah

Anyhow, after our quick brunch at Little Italy, BB and I headed
off to Old Sabah Port (Where MV Doulos docked in previously)
Kurang asam

Who said the boat ride is free?
Kena bayar lah!
*pancaran jelingan maut to BB*
But it was only RM2… so no biggie.

Navy Boat Ride

Surfing & Cruising

Sotong & me

The navy boat ride was fun, but it was still no match to my experience with Caleb & Lai when we did our marine video shooting project with UMS. Rock, I tell you.

We also went into the Navy ships.
Coolness ;) I like!
*Will upload this pics later*
In the mean time, I give you Mr. Tentacle man

Mr. Tentacle

Since the weather was hot like porn, BB and I decided to
head back home to rest before going for the 2nd half of the event.
Most photos are with BB.
Will blog them more later when he gave me the pics..
.. and provided that I can find my HP transfer cable
*Porak weh if I 3G ALL photos from my HP to the net*
Am off for a shower now.

Shout-Out! : Freedom of Entry

I just got the itinerary from my sis.
Just thought you guys might be interested.
Pls note that I’m typing this at 1.30am

Later in the morning, today, Saturday, the 26th of April 2008, there’ll be a Freedom of Entry event in Padang Merdeka AND Old Sabah Port.

I have never been involved in this event before but according to BB it’s rather interesting to be part of it.


Well baby, if it’s interesting and fun with a capital ‘F’, I’m up for anything!


So this is what the brochure said about Freedom of Entry :

The “Freedom of Entry Ceremony” is an old Naval Tradition that began during medieval times, where the City or town council confers the right of the “Navy” to march “Swords drawn, drums beating, band playing, colours flying and bayonets fixed”. The right to march through is usually conferred with a “Scroll” by the Lord Mayor. The “Scroll” will then allow the Navy to exercise its newly conferred right to march through the city. The Colours are of great significance to each and every sailor, representing the central rallying point in battle in the event that they are separated from their colleagues during the melee.

This tradition signifies the true bonds of friendships, and often the expectation that the Navy whom the honour was bestowed upon would assist in the defence of the City. The Nave is then bound to protect the city from any invasion or attack…

Interested? Then be sure to be at:

Padang Merdeka
Time: 9am – 10pm

- Freedom of Entry
- Precision Drill
- Maritime Exhibition
- Cultural Performance
- Stage Performance (Heliza AF5)
- Fireworks

Old Sabah Port
Time: 11am-6pm

- Visit to Navy Boat
- Maritime Demonstration
- Mini Regatta
- Navy Boat Ride
- Helicopter Demonstration

BB has been covering this event twice and I was told that
there’ll be free boat ride.


Must wake up early!
*packing my sunny-shade, sunblock, cap, junk food...*
"Oiii Faranina!!! We're not going for picnic la!"
Oh... Yeah...

I’ll see you guys there tomorrow okies?

PS: Jangan malas la! Pergi saja.


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