The HEATis ON!

I’ve been complaining to mocha about me getting chubby-er.

So being someone who sayang me, he made a good deal.

“Like this la sayang. I’ll go to the gym”, he said
“Uh-huh.. uh-huh….”
“I’ll pump up my arms, and shape my body like your preferences”
“Uh-huh… uh-huh…”
“You just control your diet.. and kecilkan kaki”
“Ermm……. Ermmm……”

*Think Faranina think! It’s a win-win situation
AND a bonus. You’ll lose weight, have a nice leg, can wear skirt, and get a hunky hunk*

“Ermmm…… OK SET!!!”
“When’s the deadline?”
“Why May?”
“You want earlier? Then April it is”
“Harloowww husband! You think I’m a machine aaa?
If like that one, I’d be skinny by now u know???”

“Okokok… May it is”

The deal is Set!!! And the Challenge is ON!!!

You’re going down buddy!

Ps: just so u know, i want a v-shape, not big arm, skinny-leg-hobbit shape... tralalalala


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