10, 000 time sucks

Never believe 100% in poster!

Just got back from watching the overrated 10,000 b.c with mocha, dino, amie and the rest (too many). Wah lah weh, the movie leaves me breathless with dot dot dot i tell you.

So what can you get from 10kbc? Let me tell you in advance on what you SURELY gonna get.

You will surely gonna get the gay scene, you can also see the corny scene, the corny lavu-davu dialogue, and ermm... oh, ostrich ganas pun ada, Jurassic park scene and lots and lots and lots of Bob Marley relatives there too! ^^ LOL!!! Movie zaman purba paling bongok I've ever watched. I remembered I only laughed and made my own script more than I concentrated.

I think I’ll just leave Dino & Julian to blog about it, coz for THIS movie, I’ll only have to say that the humongous saber tooth tiger is super duper cuddly and cute, Baku is a unique little character… mata sepet like Chinese… again, I said like Chinese, but mocha insisted on correcting me that he’s more to Mexican look.... yes daddy… Oh-Oh! and not forgetting the blue eyed girl's piercing eyes and the main character’s bodylicious yummy figure. Other than that….. kroaaakkkhhh~~~~ Zzzzzz……

So if you think your life is sooooooo free silalah watch movie ini.

Sekian, terima kasih.
Have to wake up early. Punching myself to sleep. Jya!


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